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Print Puzzle - "Click Me, Click Me!" by Barb Olson on 10/11/2023
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1- "___ for Alibi" (Grafton title); 4- Lays claim to, kid-style; 11- Pen pal's afterthoughts; 14- Single-stranded genetic unit; 15- Most favourable; 16- Make the final payment on, say; 17- Jazz legend Charles; 18- Framed railway bridge; 19- ___ Dolly (Jennifer Lawrence in "Winter's Bone"); 20- "___ to you" ("I'm easy"); 22- *Out of the woods; 24- Greyhound at capacity; 27- Quick squirt; 28- *Around this time; 30- Comics dog with a single spot; 31- Elsa's sister in "Frozen"; 32- Fixed badly?; 34- *They have a solution for those with poor vision?; 38- So-called "dog monkey"; 39- Here-today-gone-tomorrow worker; 40- From ___ (direct route); 41- *"How am I supposed to know?"; 46- Words from birds; 49- Lose grip, as tires; 50- *Haul off unceremoniously; 53- Vice partner; 54- Old-timey "get a move on!"; 55- Ferocious flesh-eating fish; 58- Flavius's 650; 59- Suffix with script or fail; 60- Poetic kin of an iamb; 61- Drug company founder ___ Lilly; 62- Quick data storage device: Abbr.; 63- Place to find the starts of the starred clues' answers; 64- Salt water?;
1- "... andale, andale!" (Speedy Gonzales cry); 2- Where three dirty men of rhyme are found; 3- Speaks with authority; 4- Thorny political issue; 5- A 30-day mo.; 6- Executive office: Abbr.; 7- Meal, or item containing it; 8- "___ blame" ("My bad"); 9- Dry skin applications; 10- Succumb to a lullaby; 11- Breakfast for fairy tale bears; 12- Honey-pies; 13- Prompted a blessing, in a way; 21- Knife of the north; 23- Kermit and kin; 25- UN predecessor of Ki-moon; 26- "Je pense, ___ je suis"; 29- Bulb data; 32- Update for GPS, maybe; 33- Behind closed doors; 34- What a pet Sphynx lacks; 35- Stick in the winds?; 36- Poker player's "pass"; 37- Jeans with a trademark leather patch; 38- Party-hardy Roman god; 42- Summer event a.k.a. "The Ex"; 43- Swarming masses; 44- Insert oneself rudely, with "in"; 45- Latin "yada yada yada"; 47- Fleshy tropical melon; 48- Piggish lout; 51- Part of U.A.E.; 52- Pekingese protestations; 56- In the: It.; 57- Atl. shopper's add-on;