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Print Puzzle - "Caught with No GH" by Barb Olson on 10/5/2023
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1- Built like a tank; 7- Loch Ness yes; 10- Toque's lack; 14- Wood shop rotating machines; 15- Part of M.P.: Abbr.; 16- Image on a Canucks jersey; 17- Sworn to tell the truth; 18- Shakes off a drunk; 20- They keep an eye on the queue?; 22- Not up ___ (deficient); 23- Back to the top, in music; 27- Didn't use a relief pitcher?; 29- "You're ___ and don't even know it"; 31- "___ haw!"; 32- Tiny, fur-tailed monkey; 33- Race car driver ___ Fabi; 34- What The Thinker might be murmuring; 37- Summer hrs. in Que.; 39- Holy ___ (Vatican); 40- Lake feeding the Blue Nile; 42- Boorish blockhead; 44- End-to-end puck shooters; 46- Email the fraternity club?; 50- Dragon-turned-Shark Kevin ___; 51- Valerie Harper's TV role; 52- Casual greeting, per Wiktionary?; 57- Heed a command to 7-Down, maybe; 60- What Red Bull boosts; 61- ___ worship (Commandment nono); 62- Fed. tax collector; 63- Actress in "Julia" (1977) and "Julie and Julia" (2009); 64- Image imperfection; 65- Start to flop?; 66- Deep-sixed;
1- Emulate the Big Bad Wolf; 2- ___ bath (prepared to soak); 3- Toulouse "to you"; 4- "You're kidding, right?!"; 5- Fortune magazine figure; 6- Fork-in-the-road formation; 7- Et-gay ost-lay equivalent; 8- Actress Michelle of "Crazy Rich Asians"; 9- Firmly implanted; 10- Beet-based bowlful; 11- Conductor's worksites: Abbr.; 12- Place for the seriously sick; 13- First page of "The Hobbit"; 19- "Quod ___ demonstrandum"; 21- Spotted, to Tweety; 24- Comes up; 25- Fade away, with "out"; 26- Scrapes under Welly Bandages; 27- Coin some called a doubloon; 28- Unlikely identifier in a man's obit; 29- When to begin a siesta, maybe; 30- Vermeer portrait "The Girl with a ___ Earring"; 35- Book that famously opens with "Call me Ishmael"; 36- Second 31-day mo.; 38- Was linked with; 41- Going nowhere; 43- Lest, with "that"; 45- Planetary pockmarks; 47- "The Phantom of the Opera" phantom; 48- Meas. of mugginess; 49- ___ Ed's (famous discount store till 2016); 53- To be, to the French; 54- States of fury; 55- Curved molding; 56- Org. for a Big Apple cop; 57- Tell a little tale?; 58- The "bad" cholesterol, for short; 59- "___ hoo!";