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Print Puzzle - "Bogie Flicks" by Gene Antonio on 10/2/2023
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1- Renowned Japanese manga artist Eiichiro ___; 4- Kind of clause or hatch; 10- Rock band formed by two brothers; 14- Comfy shoe; 15- Obtained illicit drugs; 16- "Pet" requiring little care; 17- Depot abbr.; 18- Bogie movie with Van Johnson (with "The"); 20- David Sarnoff founded it; 21- Center of Hamlet's question; 22- Indian horse grooms; 23- Gaucho's weapon; 25- Pierre's pal; 26- Bogie movie with Peter Lorre; 30- He wrote "A Dream Within a Dream"; 33- Shankar's strings; 34- Hypothetical primordial matter; 35- Sheriff in "Blazing Saddles"; 36- Math course; 37- French city near Belgium; 38- Words before arms or smoke; 39- "___ Agnus Dei" ("Behold the Lamb of God"); 40- ___ retentive; 41- Norse goddess of love; 42- Foot (Latin); 43- Bogie movie with Joan Leslie; 45- Boys no more; 46- Richie's mom to Fonzie; 47- Off to the side of a ship; 50- Fragrance; 53- Bagel topper; 56- Bogie movie with Agnes Moorehead; 58- Bargain bin abbr.; 59- Initial bet; 60- Bashful bloom?; 61- Fowl beginning; 62- Sea (German); 63- Decide the value of something; 64- Foxy;
1- Barbra's "Funny Girl" costar; 2- Bully's prey, often; 3- Martial arts skill; 4- Ocean food fish; 5- Ancient Egyptian charm; 6- Mint; 7- River through Pisa; 8- Actress Amanda in 2010's "Gulliver's Travels"; 9- Percussive music made for raves, initially; 10- When Romeo says "He jests at scars that never felt a wound"; 11- Far from frumpy; 12- It goes with wine; 13- They form on coral reefs; 19- New York sch.; 24- Plains Indian tribe; 25- Toon defective goods label; 26- Temptress of myth; 27- Perjury; 28- God in Islam; 29- Carter and Gwyn; 30- It's said some people count them; 31- An official language of India; 32- it covers 459 sq. mi. of Italy; 33- "___ on it!"; 35- Raymond and Aaron; 37- Participle of lie; 41- Discovers by careful searching (with "out"); 43- Cannabis sativa; 44- Representations; 45- Word with hay or book; 47- Fall guy; 48- Cause of misery; 49- Art deco great; 50- In its present condition; 51- General ___ chicken; 52- Word in a Shakespeare title; 54- "Moral" animated series character; 55- Inside look; 57- Palindromic first name;