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Print Puzzle - "Cast-cutting Measures" by Barb Olson on 9/28/2023
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1- Do, after "thou"; 5- *Tiara piece; 10- "Down with ...!" (French rioter's cry); 14- Get ___ (learn with practise); 15- Life, to Jung; 16- Slot for a padlock; 17- Earth inheritors, per Jesus; 18- *It covers the hole thing?; 19- "Another thing, ..."; 20- Its flag bears the Star of David: Abbr.; 21- Stand in front of a speaker; 23- Throw in the chips, say; 24- "___ say more?"; 26- Nautical chain; 27- Boatloads (of); 29- Poilievre's predecessor; 31- No more difficult; 32- When one might see red and white fireworks; 36- Harmless prank; 39- *Title on a chicken bucket, once; 40- ASAP; 43- Sign sought by a nervous flier; 45- Kin of corp. or inc.; 46- One who works on their feet?; 47- '90s TV "Place"; 50- What 40-Across suggests; 53- *Like a lottery winner; 54- *Discontinued coin in 2013; 55- Tiny umbrella holder, maybe; 57- No longer bothered by; 60- Pared-down Cruella de Vil film whose only characters are the answers to the starred clues?; 64- Court game, with "jai"; 65- "___ Night" (caroller's song); 66- For whom VapoRub is named; 67- U.S. workers' IDs; 68- Sounds on Old Macdonald's farm; 69- Building wings;
1- *Boogie-woogie's Fats; 2- Bar band's nine or ten songs; 3- Upgrade from mono; 4- Kesha hit "Tik ___"; 5- Playful trick; 6- Vote into law; 7- Quick with the quips; 8- Oscar presenter; 9- Bert in a lion costume; 10- Unlikely cry from a head-scratcher; 11- Spanish explorer or Stallone role; 12- Size up; 13- *Inconsistent, as radio reception; 21- Purplish plant and hue; 22- Vocally twangy; 25- Bugs Bunny addressee; 28- "___ Jude"; 30- Antacid brand; 31- Suffix with lime or lemon; 33- Dumpster locale; 34- *Hi and Lois daughter; 35- Words after an age, on toys; 36- CBC streaming channel; 37- Wood cutter; 38- TV crewmate of Mary Ann and Ginger; 40- Do named for a horse's fly whisk; 41- Last 31-day mo.; 42- Amt.; 44- "In actual fact, ..."; 46- Like Rodin's The Thinker; 48- One-___ (old ball game); 49- Arctic vehicle brand; 51- Settles, as a debt; 52- Bitty biter; 55- Faith Hill's "Take ___ I Am"; 56- Feels unwell; 58- Added with: Abbr.; 59- Prudish clucks; 61- Yellowfin, on a menu; 62- Chaney in old horror movies; 63- Famed Rev. with a dream;