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Print Puzzle - "That's Not Good" by Steve Faiella on 9/22/2023
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1- Have sore muscles; 5- ___ it up (celebrate noisily); 10- Aardvarks' morsels; 14- ___ II (Gillette razor); 15- Sesame seed and honey confection; 16- Luke's twin sister in "Star Wars"; 17- When one might wear a hat; 19- Pedi's partner at a salon; 20- Astonishes; 21- Reacted with outrage, as a mob; 23- However, for short; 24- "Holy smokes!"; 25- Astronaut affirmatives; 26- Tough behavioral stage for toddlers; 31- Caution light's color; 34- ___-de-sac (dead-end street); 35- Knock the socks off; 36- Denim pants; 37- Boeing 787, for one; 38- Hurled a baseball; 40- "What Kind of Fool ___"; 41- Old coin of France; 42- "All ___ on deck!"; 43- Exasperated remark at a Genius Bar?; 48- Similar in nature; 49- Brain wave reading: Abbr.; 50- Lisbon hello; 53- Lug around; 56- Layered pasta dishes; 58- Cookie in cookies-and-cream ice cream; 59- Sore losers; 61- Allow to borrow; 62- Submit one's tax return via computer (Hyph); 63- Little fellow; 64- Doesn't participate, with "out"; 65- Stephen King's "___ Macabre" (Anagram of SEDAN); 66- Icy Hot rival (without the icy part?);
1- Up, in baseball; 2- Sound of cymbals; 3- Was forced; 4- Rebound sound; 5- Constant complainer; 6- More challenging; 7- Automobile pioneer; 8- Fertility clinic eggs; 9- Big expense for an employer; 10- "Close but no cigar"; 11- Not messy; 12- Fork point; 13- Spoken; 18- Carpentry drill bits; 22- 1950s U.S. prez; 25- Share a border with; 26- Number of years in a decade; 27- Become frozen, as a windshield; 28- Inform of danger; 29- Had bills to pay; 30- Attaches a button; 31- Barely open, as a door; 32- Interoffice note; 33- Fisherman's need; 37- ___ of Arc (French saint); 38- Old Navy's sister store; 39- Is in possession of; 41- Made quick scissor cuts; 44- Falcon's claws; 45- Barely make, with "out"; 46- Gems from oysters; 47- Apartment renter; 50- How a ham sandwich may be prepared; 51- Hanukkah potato treat; 52- Good quality; 53- Without company; 54- Farm's wheat or corn; 55- What furnaces output (and homophone of 66A!); 56- "Tender" meat cut; 57- Dark, gloomy rock genre; 60- One ___ kind (unique);