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Print Puzzle - "Business as Un-usual" by Barb Olson on 9/21/2023
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1- So-called "missing link"; 7- Pull a fast one on; 11- Him: Ger.; 14- Tokyo's airport; 15- Risking injury, after "in"; 17- Their business is picking up?; 19- "Brrrr!"; 20- ___ Babies (stuffed toys); 21- No-___ (tiny insect); 22- Less firmed up; 25- Their business is going under?; 30- 196.97 for gold: Abbr.; 31- When pigs fly, it is said; 32- Like a white-tie event; 37- Nash and namesakes; 38- What a stiffed server gets; 39- Come up against; 42- Their business is taking off?; 47- Has one's say, say; 48- ___-Meal (vacuum food storage brand); 51- Uses cribs, say; 54- Bottle depot drop-offs; 56- Their business is growing?; 59- Cut from the in group; 60- Writer de Beauvoir; 61- Canadian Club or Wiser's; 62- Midge; 63- Trial typists;
1- Disagreeable ones?; 2- Ex ___ (one-sided, in legalese); 3- Backspaced over; 4- Flubbed pool shot; 5- Back from work, maybe; 6- Table salt, in chem class; 7- FedEx alternative; 8- Chicago-based carrier: Abbr.; 9- Offer before an auction; 10- Introducing guests, say; 11- Gold medalist's comment; 12- Dancer-turned-spy Mata ___; 13- Wall St. trading centre; 16- "I'm ___!" (hungry person's hyperbole); 18- Praiseful poet; 23- Hardly any; 24- Spare tire or muffin top; 26- Square up; 27- "The Three Faces of ___" (book about multiple personality disorder); 28- Toon chihuahua; 29- C.P.P. recipients; 32- T.O.'s big bash; 33- Cured bagel spread; 34- Go from ___ B; 35- Put in a certain place; 36- Raining just a bit; 37- Sans scrip, briefly; 39- Suffix on juice drinks; 40- Where spirits are often seen; 41- Still gooey; 43- It gives the doc an inside view; 44- Wit and vivacity; 45- Run the clock again; 46- Hiver or été; 49- "Don't ___ One Get You Down" (War song); 50- Complete bozos; 51- Arctic ___ (northern food fish); 52- Bible cover word; 53- Shallowest Great Lake; 55- Tousle, as hair; 57- Actress Hagen; 58- Rent out;