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Print Puzzle - "Beastly Portmanteaus" by Gene Antonio on 9/18/2023
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1- Top; 5- Get rid of; 10- Tops; 14- Blessing; 15- Lotus, for one; 16- One way to be obnoxious; 17- Large, frightening, reptile portmanteau?; 19- Location of Indonesia's capital; 20- Worked hard to succeed; 21- In harmony with, as an ideal (with "to"); 23- Put back to zero, as a gauge; 26- 20th century Viennese composer Alban ___; 27- Forest rustler; 30- Procedure for viewing blood vessels; 32- Jump at a loud noise, say; 35- Hudson and Bristol, for two; 36- Standard follower; 38- Director/actress daughter of John Cassavetes and Gena Rowlands, ___ Cassavetes; 39- Gomez Addams's cousin; 40- Short-lived Asian republic; 41- It may follow roasting; 42- Exclamation from Homer Simpson; 43- Bad blood; 44- Phyllis Lindstrom's sitcom daughter; 45- Make into law; 47- Brown or Paul; 48- Tour de force; 49- Blackjack; 51- Pick up on; 53- Extirpate; 56- Repeats; 60- Handy contraction; 61- Huge portmanteau with a thick hide?; 64- A___ (basic cable network); 65- Debonair British actor John ___ in "Now, Voyager" and "How Green Was My Valley"; 66- Samoa's capital and only city; 67- He wrote a lot of nonsense; 68- Slay, as used in the Bible; 69- First name of British singer called "The Man with the Golden Voice";
1- Kindergartner's recitation; 2- Gordon's "Harold and Maude" costar; 3- Word in a Shakespeare title; 4- Bows usually come before them; 5- Wise guys; 6- It was formed Feb. 8, 1861; 7- Squealer; 8- Dwrf buffalo; 9- Medicare component; 10- Swear off; 11- Simian portmanteaus?; 12- Church part; 13- "Holy Toledo!"; 18- Hot spot; 22- We're on it; 24- 2003's National Best Recipe award winner; 25- Keep someone from doing something; 27- Endure; 28- Refused to air; 29- Huge, slithery, reptile portmanteau?; 31- Stimulate; 33- Way to go downhill; 34- Far from verbose; 36- It's sweet when doubled; 37- Count's end?; 40- Actor Fasano; 44- Social reformer Jeremy ___; 46- ___ key; 48- What bald tires don't do; 50- Pitches; 52- Crazy about; 53- Canaanite fertility god; 54- Party or clothes follower; 55- ___ McAn; 57- Coarse cloth made from bark; 58- Working at; 59- RN's ASAP; 62- Nasty Amin; 63- Minus deductions;