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Print Puzzle - "Whee!" by Steve Faiella on 9/15/2023
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1- Low pair in poker; 5- Scales sign; 10- Brief quarrel; 14- Boat paddles; 15- Frizzy hairdos; 16- German-based grocery chain; 17- First Amendment right; 19- Army outpost with tents; 20- Numero ___ (the boss); 21- "___ Mommy Kissing Santa Claus"; 22- How to "make money the old-fashioned way," in a Smith Barney ad; 24- Opposite of verbose; 26- Back-in-style fashion; 27- Throws softly; 31- Heavily involved (in); 33- For each item, slangily; 34- Birth of a notion; 35- "My Way" singer Frank; 39- "Aw, how cute!"; 44- Give the boot to; 46- ___-cadabra; 47- She has lots of workers; 51- Maker of Wayfarers sunglasses; 53- What an electric meter indicates; 54- Director Woody; 56- Hospital worker with a residency; 58- Load, as cargo; 59- Nanny's bleat; 62- A smaller amount; 63- Very, very small; 66- Birdbrain; 67- Army drill instructor, informally; 68- Wind direction indicator; 69- Nine-digit U.S. govt. IDs; 70- School vehicles; 71- Pub quaffs;
1- Soybean product; 2- Alert to danger; 3- Cookie in dirt pudding; 4- Compass dir.; 5- Runs out, as a membership; 6- Start of a worried comment; 7- Cold beer, slangily; 8- Bird in "Arabian Nights"; 9- 1975 Wimbledon champ Arthur; 10- Like some vows and cows; 11- Jacques, the first hockey goalie to wear a mask (Anagram of PLANET); 12- Look up to; 13- First-rate; 18- Construction spot; 23- Length-times-width calculations; 25- Concludes; 27- Prof.'s helpers; 28- Mod About You nail polish brand; 29- Dad, to grandpa; 30- Mud bath locale; 32- Fair hiring letters; 36- Copy machine powder; 37- Barbecuer's spice application; 38- Away from port; 40- Rome's Appian ___; 41- Flow away, as a tide; 42- Stretch of history; 43- Bronzed by the sun; 45- Bank staff; 47- Patchwork bed covers; 48- ___ & World Report (defunct print magazine); 49- Has dinner at home; 50- Spews out (Hopefully not after 49D!); 51- Goes blonde again; 52- From the top; 55- "Tootsie" actress Jessica; 57- U.S. Accident investigation grp.; 59- Restaurant offering; 60- "The Diary of ___ Frank"; 61- Pro votes; 64- French water; 65- Longoria of "Desperate Housewives";