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Print Puzzle - "Bank Deposits" by Barb Olson on 9/14/2023
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1- Table shaker contents; 5- Family show rating; 9- Vouches for; 14- "Garfield" drooler; 15- Feast translated as "young taro tops"; 16- Flashy style; 17- Horror's Chucky, for one; 18- National survey output; 20- Reach toothbrush rival; 22- Study of right and wrong; 23- Capote thriller about the Clutter family murders; 26- ___ card (cell phone part); 29- ___ a soul (no one); 30- Like a belly laugh; 32- Palindromic constellation; 35- Canadian coffee brand; 38- Miss Scarlett might have used it in the Hall; 39- Recalling only what one chooses to; 43- Rival grp. of Agent 86; 44- Verbally swipe; 45- "The Simpsons" character with a New York accent; 46- Metal recyclable; 49- ___ door (onesie back flap); 51- Vein pursuit?; 52- Stress-calming diet choice; 58- Walk with a wobble; 60- Burn with a curling iron, maybe; 61- Lets destiny decide, in a way; 65- French novelist Emile; 66- Old school copier, for short; 67- Turkey ___ (post-Thanksgiving dinner drowsiness); 68- The E of E=mc2: Abbr.; 69- Ship's after area; 70- Hockey level between Novice and Pee-Wee; 71- Wine menu heading;
1- "Same here"; 2- Affix with baubles and beads; 3- Lavender/mauve hue; 4- Betray by finking; 5- Dr. Mom's offering; 6- Point de ___ (Parisian perspective); 7- Group of contestants or judges; 8- Enthusiastic spirit; 9- Sharing an armrest, perhaps; 10- Band with a lightning bolt symbol; 11- There's a lesson in there; 12- Word after Krazy or Kit; 13- Subway map dot: Abbr.; 19- "This can't be good"; 21- Mel or Mont; 24- "Dagnabbit!"; 25- Way to compete on eBay; 27- One who might tell you to boot it; 28- "Poppycock!"; 31- Pitcher's asset; 32- Invite as one's date for; 33- Broadcast again; 34- Just-me period; 36- Word form for "egg"; 37- ___ differ; 40- PC panic button; 41- "Chloe ___," comedic novel by Milne; 42- "La Louisianne" and "La Californie," e.g.; 47- Takes steps to heed; 48- The "N" of N.B.; 50- Moderna vaccine alternative; 53- Tourist draw; 54- ___ Loops (cereal); 55- ___'s own; 56- Took a good, bad look; 57- Cherished darlings; 59- Bygone abbr. on phones; 61- Some stations: Abbr.; 62- Boozed right up; 63- Texter's "what I think is"; 64- War zone skipped by draft dodgers, for short;