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Print Puzzle - "Making the Grade" by Gene Antonio on 9/11/2023
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1- First name of author of "So Big"; 5- Cutting remark; 9- Counters; 14- Way to go; 15- "___ You" (2019 thriller); 16- Governor of Mogul empire in India; 17- Gabon's president for 42 years, ___ Bongo; 18- Heroine of novel "Green Mansions"; 19- First name in "HappyDays" cast; 20- No one wants to play this; 23- Pitch; 24- Stout's Wolfe; 25- Tai follower; 28- Questionable questionings; 31- Fish portrayer; 34- Opening of "A Wonderful Guy" from "South Pacific"; 35- Etc. does the same job; 36- Pixilated; 38- Prevent the passage of; 41- Some are pale; 42- Idaho city known as the "Trout Capital of America"; 43- Downed flyer; 44- Early printing; 49- She wrote "The Daughter of Time"; 50- Amo, ___, amat; 51- W.W. II submachine guns; 54- Pillar of democracy; 57- Asian capital; 60- It can become real?; 61- 10 to 10, e.g.; 62- States as a fact; 63- Lymph ___; 64- John's "The Postman Always Rings Twice" costar; 65- Debra in "The Ten Commandments"; 66- Former Russian "star"?; 67- Ancient Transjordan kingdom;
1- Boy with a bow; 2- Feature of the Taj Mahal; 3- Civil rights org.; 4- Artful; 5- Robin's undoing, maybe; 6- "I really doubt that"; 7- Causes to remember; 8- Did some stringing; 9- Clock with hands, e.g.; 10- Cause of constant trouble; 11- Vehicle safety feature letters; 12- Bill's romantic partner?; 13- ___ Battuta, Moroccan explorer and scholar; 21- They were downed on "M*A*S*H"; 22- Dr. of rap; 25- Sea monster of Greek myth; 26- Moves toward (with "for"); 27- Key; 29- Groovy, boss today; 30- Prot. for one; 31- Sailor's behind; 32- Contradict; 33- Abrasive; 37- Ship letters; 38- Call at a base; 39- Cheat; 40- Clumps of blood; 42- Small restaurants; 45- Lao Tzu follower; 46- Outback runner; 47- Contraction meaning "won't risk it"; 48- Herbal medicine since ancient times; 52- Water nymph of Greek myth; 53- Word with pool or pad; 54- It comes in front of man, or in back of be; 55- "If I ___ Hammer" (Peter, Paul and Mary song); 56- Cheese named after a town; 57- Chance; 58- Gardner of Hollywood; 59- Not pos.;