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Print Puzzle - "A Fun Start" by Steve Faiella on 9/8/2023
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1- Suffix for table or Tupper; 5- Prayerful chant; 11- Kin of calypso music; 14- Scored perfectly on; 15- "Star Wars" ___ Kenobi; 16- Bulls and bucks, e.g.; 17- Early stage of most tornados; 19- Swiss mount; 20- Tire grooves; 21- Highway entrances (Hyph); 23- Hand tool with teeth; 24- Castle encircler; 27- Plastic animation sheet; 28- Arm-flapping dance of the early 1970s; 33- Scarecrow's wish in "The Wizard of Oz"; 36- Suffix with electron or robot; 37- Stretch of history; 38- Having a roof overhang; 39- Bovine sound; 40- Get undressed; 42- One of a Freudian trio; 43- ___-voyage party; 44- Buenos ___, Argentina; 45- Computer inputs Usually labeled F1 through F10; 50- Admit, with "up to"; 51- Comic ___ (font); 52- Entrepreneur's support org. (Anagram of ABS); 55- Advance in rank; 59- Wedding locale; 61- Big elephant feature; 62- Objective of a bake sale, maybe; 65- "That's What Friends ___ For"; 66- Is jealous of; 67- Empire builder of old Peru; 68- Feline of the zodiac; 69- Backup again, as a file; 70- 1968 US Open champ Arthur;
1- Floats on the air; 2- Honda luxury brand; 3- Continue, as a subscription; 4- Divine's "Hairspray" role; 5- Big Canadian brewery that merged with Coors; 6- Easy as ___; 7- Absolutely nothing; 8- "___'Clock Jump": Harry James recording (Anagram of WOOT); 9- Vulgarity and coarseness; 10- 1975 Nobel Peace Prize winner Sakharov; 11- Decorative pillow cover; 12- Seaweed that surrounds sushi; 13- African poisonous snakes; 18- Sir Hillary, of mountain-climbing fame; 22- It's measured in proof: Abbr.; 25- Like a mad parent's arms; 26- Business ___ (Captains of industry); 28- "For shame", in Shakespeare plays; 29- Dolphins great and "American Gladiators" host Larry; 30- "Galloping Gourmet" Graham; 31- One of the U.S. Great Lakes; 32- Dozes; 33- Butcher-shop buy; 34- Pasta sauce "trusted since 1937"; 35- Shakespeare's river; 40- Greets casually; 41- "___ better to have loved and lost..."; 46- End of some URLs; 47- Double offer, informally; 48- Properly pitched; 49- Protect, as in a museum; 52- Whirls; 53- Pianist's perch; 54- Fish tank growth; 55- Church bell sound; 56- Extremely scarce; 57- Classic Nabisco snack; 58- Items that get stuffed and stamped (Abbr); 60- China's continent; 63- Day, in Tijuana; 64- Gun the engine;