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Print Puzzle - "A Mixture of Music" by Barb Olson on 9/7/2023
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1- Uses a nuker; 5- Prov. party electee; 8- "___ like green eggs and ham"; 14- Good guy for a think tank; 16- "That's cheating!"; 17- Burton Cummings/Jim Croce collaboration?; 19- Vitamin label stat.; 20- It goes around on a helicopter; 21- "___ for Innocent" (mystery novel title); 22- Dozy one's need; 25- Clark Gable's quintet; 27- Elton John/Hall & Oates collaboration?; 30- Big ___ (unrealistic request); 31- Campus dining area, casually; 32- Pink Floyd singer Barrett; 33- Ways of operating: Abbr.; 36- Blissful-sounding band; 38- "Brave New World" pills; 42- "That's ___ in 'eagle'"; 44- Significant period; 46- Blood classification method; 47- Bruce Springsteen/Bryan Adams collaboration?; 52- Road kill, to a raven; 53- Chow down; 54- Org. in "The Six Million Dollar Man"; 55- Musketeers and Stooges; 58- Palindromic "saison"; 59- Melissa Etheridge/Beatles collaboration?; 64- Tutu wearer's toe; 65- What fighting friends might part on; 66- Worked out the knots, maybe; 67- "Little green men," for short; 68- Use a Brother;
1- Cab sav alternative; 2- Hoo-ha, to the Bard; 3- Items in a '70s lapidary fad; 4- Gave permission; 5- Lady of LaSalle: Abbr.; 6- Fox's retreat; 7- Part of A.D.; 8- Some spam containers; 9- Paths to success, metaphorically; 10- Short frequency?; 11- Born and bred in, with "to"; 12- Showing more use, as a dipstick rag; 13- Rapunzel locks; 15- Combo word for a blue sky blocker; 18- Wouldn't touch with ___ foot pole; 22- Spanish women: Abbr.; 23- Snoopy, but not the dog; 24- Series ender?; 26- "What good would ___?"; 28- Hot kitchen setting; 29- Last word in many kid's stories; 34- Yuk. or Nun.; 35- Make germ-free; 37- High-quality wine word; 39- Gomer Pyle's hometown; 40- ___ Hassan, "Arabian Nights" character; 41- Side dish bowlful; 43- Left furiously, with "out"; 45- Director Lee; 47- Centre around, as a theory; 48- "Then again, maybe not"; 49- "Already doing that!"; 50- Trick alternative; 51- Chain store venue; 52- South American rodent; 56- "___ quiet!" (retort to a teaser); 57- Parking place?; 60- Some pasta endings; 61- OED entries: Abbr.; 62- One who works at home?; 63- Opposite of NNW;