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Print Puzzle - "It's A Jungle" by Steve Faiella on 9/1/2023
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1- Address for a Southern belle; 5- Warning; 10- Graceful waterbird; 14- Big hairdo type; 15- Mountain in Exodus; 16- Big Island coffee district; 17- Ferocious problem-solvers; 19- Tiny amount; 20- His chores were done by Friday; 21- Be a chameleon, say; 23- Haw preceder; 24- Agent Gold of HBO's "Entourage"; 26- "Chocolate" dog, for short; 27- Pull-apart pastry with a partially simian name; 33- Finds a sum; 37- Hosp. area for critical cases; 38- Have a hunch; 39- Voice mail sound; 40- Counterparts of caballeros (homophone of LLAMAS); 43- Adam and Eve's first home; 44- "The King" of rock; 46- Egyptian cobra; 47- Exam for a wannabe atty.; 48- King Richard's epithet; 52- Payroll services company; 53- Bartender's supply; 54- Billboard messages; 57- Seafood-based party bowlful; 61- Warning from a litigious party; 63- Old World Style pasta sauce brand; 64- Store where Yogi shops?; 67- Tavern offerings; 68- Jewish potato pancake; 69- Director Preminger; 70- Enjoy the limelight; 71- "Candle in the Wind" performer John; 72- "High" time of day;
1- Success on Tinder; 2- Belching flames; 3- Have words; 4- Tavern on "The Simpsons"; 5- Part of a celestial belt; 6- Bit of deception; 7- "Wheel of Fortune" purchase; 8- Talk on and on and on; 9- Forget where one put, as keys; 10- Porous organ; 11- Carpentry material; 12- Opposed to; 13- Indian flatbread; 18- Wander aimlessly; 22- Wanes; 25- Peruvian of yore; 28- "Harold and ___ Go to White Castle" (2004 comedy); 29- Bit of fishing gear; 30- Terminates; 31- Surrounded by water; 32- Body shop concern; 33- Genesis brother; 34- Place to order a ham on rye; 35- "Whip It" rockers; 36- Washer cycle; 41- Italian wine region; 42- Sample to analyze; 45- Food fish known for its roe; 49- Fit for consumption; 50- Take to a higher court; 51- Boxer Oscar___ Hoya; 54- Request as a guest for; 55- As a result of; 56- Determined to follow; 57- "Alaskan king" seafood; 58- Tra-___; 59- Allows to ripen, as cheese; 60- Elon who co-founded Tesla; 62- Science fiction author Hubbard; 65- Telecom letters; 66- Old rival of MGM;