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Print Puzzle - "A Man of the Cloth" by Barb Olson on 8/31/2023
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1- "Ah, me"; 5- ___ Paulo, Brazil; 8- Use a scratching post, say; 14- Address to a nobleman; 15- 151, in Roman numerals; 16- Gives it a whirl; 17- Remain unruffled; 19- Instantly sent a return; 20- Tailor's reply to a complaining customer?; 22- Unusual far-sightedness?; 23- "Play it, Sam" speaker; 24- Forensics show inits.; 27- Tailor's comments about scissor snips?; 31- One who stirs the pot in Macbeth; 32- One of many "Lil" rappers; 33- "You're the Apple of ___" (Louis Armstrong song); 34- Steal the spotlight from; 37- Blows a gasket; 39- Partner of doom; 40- Cl-, for one; 41- Black, Red or Yellow body; 42- What the hesitant tailor did when shortening pants?; 47- Montréal's rue ___-Catherine; 48- Super star?; 49- Wharf workers' union: Abbr.; 50- Female tailor?; 55- Was in the REM stage; 58- Dancing siblings Fred and Adele; 59- "You are released, go!"; 60- Wildebeest; 61- Greenwich granny; 62- A ___ in one's own mind (egotist); 63- Aurora's Greek counterpart; 64- Pesky insect;
1- Begins a riddle; 2- Word before "of flowers," often; 3- "Whose woods these ___ think I know"; 4- World's continents, e.g.; 5- Working the ice cream cone stand, at times; 6- Onetime Expos manager Felipe; 7- Towers seen on Alberta's landscape; 8- Word heard before "click," maybe; 9- News anchor Lisa controversially fired for not dyeing her hair; 10- "Like that'll ever happen"; 11- Mart start; 12- It's impossible to do this backwards; 13- "The Fox and the Hound" fox; 18- Bump below the skin; 21- Camera using mirrors: Abbr.; 24- Iron worker's concern?; 25- Used a Zoom precursor; 26- "___ bad moon rising" (CCR lyric); 27- Pill that's not hard to swallow; 28- Horrid, old-stye; 29- Scot's not; 30- Shakespearean assents; 31- Actors Grant and Jackson; 35- Manx man?; 36- Emphatic cry from the pews; 37- Apollo, Ares or Adonis; 38- Temporarily off-air, as a show; 40- Fit to be tied; 43- Covered one's i's?; 44- Hail, in Old Rome; 45- "It's ___ blur to me now"; 46- Undertaking, as a war; 50- Paddock female; 51- "Money ___ object"; 52- It borders on Saudi Arabia; 53- "General Hospital" actress Sofer; 54- You might wind up in court after this: Abbr.; 55- Two-base hit: Abbr.; 56- Riddle-me-___; 57- 5, 6 and 7 of 26;