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Print Puzzle - "Who's Doing What" by Gene Antonio on 8/28/2023
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1- Makes more potent; 6- Good time, slangily; 11- Penny pic; 14- "Keep your crummy job!"; 15- Arm bones; 16- It's sometimes called a gift; 17- Blues singer tending to his garden?; 19- Celestial altar; 20- Starting point used for comparisons; 21- Rash; 23- Rip; 24- Damage; 26- Dept. of Homeland Security agency; 29- Funny lady catching fly balls?; 34- Brings up; 36- Means of support; 37- Boring; 38- Ending for Elon Musk; 39- Campaign tactic; 41- Swiss river; 42- Make out, to Brits; 43- Hwy. help; 44- Have (Spanish); 45- Actor in Mel Brooks movies causing damage?; 49- What one is; 50- Some are pale; 51- Winter need; 53- 1945 Nobelist in Physics; 56- Moving water; 60- Goof; 61- British actor doing pressing work?; 64- "His Master's Voice" co.; 65- Direction from Shakespeare; 66- Hunter of a sort; 67- D.C. deal maker; 68- Macho types; 69- Homes to some;
1- It's dangerous to be out on one; 2- Variation of cyan; 3- They're chewed in leas; 4- You can get down from one; 5- Surgical probes; 6- Chancellor of West Germany Willy ___; 7- Not a good way to be running; 8- Picnic drink; 9- Military address; 10- Jewish month; 11- What "Jumpin' Jack Flash" is; 12- Starr QB; 13- Online market; 18- Souse; 22- Microscopic critters; 24- Juno's Greek counterpart; 25- Way off; 26- Adam in "East of Eden"; 27- Net; 28- First name in duellists; 30- Support letter?; 31- Plain; 32- Took a chance; 33- Archeological find; 35- Of a sovereign; 39- Gorge; 40- Measurement of amount of power a battery will hold over time: initially (pl.); 44- Supporter of Russian monarchy; 46- Old Testament prophet; 47- Quick wittedness; 48- Golfing great McIlroy; 52- Morning canonical hour; 53- One on the lam, maybe; 54- Gasoline co. whose name is an acronym; 55- Long range; 56- Give up; 57- Twelve; 58- Fastener; 59- Fast flyers; 62- Compass dir.; 63- Edge;