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Print Puzzle - "Match Game" by Steve Faiella on 5/26/2023
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1- Per item; 5- Fur hooded coat; 10- Military headquarters; 14- Lot measure; 15- French "farewell!"; 16- "Ding-dong! ___ calling!" (cosmetics company catch phrase; 17- Salty eye drop; 18- Tricked; 19- Like sour cherries; 20- Long stemmed source of flame used for firing up some scented wax; 23- Confident crossword solver's choice; 25- "You ain't seen nothin' ___!" (Now comes the real show!); 26- Online transaction, generically; 27- Ruined, with "up"; 29- Fluster; 32- Seeded deli bread; 33- Wear a long puss; 34- Adventuresome; 36- "Those two are so great for each other!"; 40- "Save the ___!" (Bumper sticker advocating for Orcas); 41- Bottled soft drink; 44- Fond du ___ (Wisconsin city) (Anagram of CAL); 47- Go off stage; 48- Release, as from confinement; 50- Distribute by portions; 52- Initials for an amateur handyman; 53- Enemy; 54- Where you might see a press box and a color commentator; 59- Really dislike; 60- "Of all the ___" (how rude!); 61- The best; 64- Rebound of a sound; 65- Physically weak; 66- A little tiff; 67- Smart-alecky talk; 68- In a strange way; 69- Cleopatra's snakes;
1- Have a taco; 2- Expert pilot; 3- Laughs a lot (or crashes their car!); 4- Greek goddess and wife of Zeus; 5- Protected with cushions; 6- Grownup; 7- Ready to eat; 8- Faint, with "over"; 9- German auto; 10- Shower alternatives (when you want a good soak!); 11- 2009 sci-fi blockbuster, or a cartoon image of yourself online; 12- Word with "missed" or "needed", with a meaning of "very"; 13- Main course of the meal; 21- "Bill ___, the Science Guy"; 22- Actress Davis of "Thelma and Louise"; 23- Mischievous one; 24- Prefix meaning "new", or Keanu Reeves' role in "The Matrix"; 28- Beef and potatoes one pot dinner; 29- Feature of a cut diamond; 30- "Liberal ___" (college major); 31- Nothing, nada, none, not a single one; 34- Sandwich shop (or maybe get a knish?); 35- Main point (anagram of TIGS); 37- Scarlett's Butler; 38- Common office machine (used much less since E-Mail came along); 39- "Shout it from the ___" ("I want everyone to hear this!); 42- Batman and Robin are a "dynamic" one; 43- Dined on (and the past tense of 1D!); 44- Mascara targets; 45- Llama relative and source of fine wool; 46- Denim and linen are two; 48- Full of vigor; 49- "I'm keeping an ___ on you!" (you'd better behave!); 51- Creme filled cookies; 52- The dude with the horns; 55- Helpful facts: Abbr.; 56- Pocket protector wearer, especially in teen movies about school life; 57- Degree holder, for short; 58- Astronaut's org.; 62- Midday snooze; 63- Martians, for example;