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Print Puzzle - "Red Alert" by Barb Olson on 5/25/2023
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1- Fly in the ointment; 5- "Well, blow me down!"; 10- As straight as ___ (honest); 14- What Penny was in on "As the World Turns"; 15- Arrange, as a date; 16- Hooper's Store woman on "Sesame Street"; 17- ___-friendly; 18- Ceded; 20- Hopeless way to be left; 22- Computer 404s; 23- Overcame with a bold demeanour; 26- Sphere of geography?; 27- Loosen the purse strings; 28- " ___ say more?"; 30- Corp. tech expert; 31- Linden of "Barney Miller"; 33- ___ es Salaam, Tanzania; 34- "___ guys like you for breakfast"; 35- Sniffed about snoopily; 38- Carmela portrayer on "The Sopranos"; 40- Excite, with "up"; 41- Old phone trio under 7; 42- Parcel of land; 43- Brownish pears; 45- Early helicopters, for short; 49- What the Brits use for a change; 51- Set forth; 53- Half-wits; 55- Multi-lingual stone of Egypt; 56- Kissed someone passionately; 59- Former "Q" host Ghomeshi; 60- CBC sportscaster Scott; 61- Clued in; 62- Like burned music; 63- Stone and Stallone; 64- One tampering with cheques; 65- Bridle attachments;
1- Challenges for shoe shiners; 2- Old-timey "aint gonna happen"; 3- Punish with a fine; 4- Long-handled weed remover; 5- Sinatra's "___ to Be You"; 6- Lure with fake promises; 7- Canadian actor ___ Cariou of "Sweeny Todd"; 8- "The Spud" in a Stompin' Tom Connors song; 9- "... ton bras sait porter l'___" (line in the French "O Canada"); 10- Greek shopping centre of old; 11- Did the splits?; 12- Lack of get-up-and-go; 13- Range for overhearing; 19- Merkel's three; 21- Scandinavian epics; 24- Gere/Lopez rom-com "Shall ___?"; 25- Partner of dear; 29- Cease discussing; 32- Toy recently made gender-neutral; 34- Employee's treacherous work?; 35- Pointing out minor faults; 36- Nursery rhyme spoon's running mate?; 37- Rehab concerns; 38- Chaotic weather causes; 39- Shake on it, informally; 43- Thumb drive unit; 44- Existentialist Jean-Paul ___; 46- Pasta spirals; 47- Perform the role better; 48- Loses a lap?; 50- Injection sensations; 52- "___ Wrong" (Atom Smash song); 54- Lower of a state twosome: Abbr.; 57- Battle of Passchendaele conflict; 58- "Am ___ the right address?";