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Print Puzzle - "Plain MandMs" by Steve Faiella on 5/21/2023
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1- Burn the surface of when grilling; 5- Person going out with another; 10- Release, as an odor; 14- "What ___ you thinking??" (such a mess!); 15- Avoid capture; 16- Broadway musical set in ancient Egypt; 17- Opera highlight; 18- Sophia of films; 19- Native of Aberdeen; 20- Creator of some harmless fun; 23- "The Hunger Games" ___ Mellark (homophone of an animal rights group); 24- The whole thing; 25- Germophobe's condition, briefly; 28- Cowell formerly of "American Idol"; 32- Open; 34- Competed politically; 37- Having a jolly good time; 40- Handling the situation; 42- Jazz great Shaw; 43- "___ move on!" (hurry!); 44- Felt tipped pen; 47- Horror director Craven; 48- Had sore muscles; 49- Dannon's Greek yogurt brand; 51- Badminton court divider; 52- Wyo. neighbor; 55- Japanese "bar" food; 59- What "Button your seatbelts!" is an example of; 64- Bit of a necklace; 66- Make ___ (change jobs, maybe); 67- Place to picnic; 68- Like blue moons; 69- Legal pad features; 70- Last word in a threat; 71- Real estate measurement; 72- Get going; 73- Clarinet part;
1- Alligator's home; 2- Creepy; 3- Get out of bed; 4- Punches back, maybe; 5- Cold cuts seller; 6- Soothing substance; 7- Surf and ___ (restaurant selection); 8- Puffiness or swelling (anagram of MEDEA); 9- Concerning the kidneys; 10- Abate; 11- Like local beer sold in small batches; 12- Altar words; 13- Bit of body art (abbr.); 21- Actor Corey of "The Lost Boys"; 22- Model Heidi of "Project Runway"; 26- ___ blanche (do whatever you want!); 27- Words before "a bone" or "dust" (having no liquid); 29- Polite address to a woman; 30- Gumbo ingredient; 31- Explosive liquid or heart medicine (abbr.); 33- Opposite of pos. on a battery, e.g.; 34- From Italy's capital; 35- Have ___ up one's sleeve; 36- Bad dream, like in a movie Elm Street; 38- Supermodel Taylor; 39- Socially inept one; 41- Cause for extra innings; 45- Formula 409, in old Rome?; 46- Civil rights activist Parks; 50- Evening meal; 53- Distributes poker cards; 54- Allow to enter; 56- Oil-bearing rock; 57- Silver or Trigger; 58- Angered; 60- Brainstorming result; 61- ___ Lisa (da Vinci work); 62- Continually; 63- Exam; 64- Bathing suit top; 65- Listening device;