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Print Puzzle - "P is for Promo" by Barb Olson on 5/19/2023
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1- Certain side of Chinatown?; 5- Many iPhone icons; 9- Destroy evidence, in a way; 14- Pee Wee preceder in minor hockey; 15- Countess Crawley on "Downton Abbey"; 16- Out there; 17- Like a two-star hotel; 18- Sorry sort; 19- Clickable zines; 20- Aggressively pepper with questions; 23- Seats for stand-up comics; 24- Lists off, as examples; 25- Golf variation that can be played in an hour; 30- Van. school that publishes "The Peak"; 33- Forest-scented; 34- Juan's ones; 35- School surfaces for hop scotch; 37- On the ___ (legit); 40- Part of a vintage store name, maybe; 41- "___ stands right now ..."; 42- People might be under here: Abbr.; 43- Repeatedly extend one's parking time limit; 48- Stick out like ___ thumb; 49- Serena's victor at the 2019 U.S. Open; 53- Try to aggravate, as one's mom; 56- ___ Québécois (Plamondon's group); 57- Saguenay sky; 58- Duet numbers?; 59- Big smoke?; 60- Head & Shoulders rival; 61- ___-Brite (glowing picture toy); 62- Viking dog of comics; 63- Lousy, no-good scoundrels; 64- "Saisons" in the sun;
1- Imitates a mafioso, maybe; 2- "Let ___" (Ed Sheeran song); 3- "Seinfeld" klutz; 4- Punk fusion genre; 5- Cryptogram cousin; 6- Come down in buckets; 7- Prone to lecturing; 8- Chris Hadfield's Ontario birthplace; 9- Off-kilter; 10- Raised in rustic simplicity; 11- Clearly enjoy a joke; 12- Tachycardia tests, in brief; 13- Bad start?; 21- Words before coin or switch; 22- End of the line, maybe: Abbr.; 26- Certain freight trains; 27- Dis-tress?; 28- "Magical Mystery ___"; 29- Recipe amts.; 30- School bus sign; 31- Complete a trip?; 32- Language that gave us "shampoo"; 36- Regular in National Enquirer; 37- Don't mothball; 38- Ones with "dogged" determination; 39- Swallowed a loss; 41- Explorer Vespucci; 44- Common swag bag item; 45- Water, chemically; 46- Puts up; 47- ___ one's cage (provoke); 50- "Aha, ___ makes sense!"; 51- Borden's bill, slangily; 52- Certain burden bearers; 53- Pesky person; 54- Quitter's bane, often; 55- English channel, with "the"; 56- Lenovos, e.g.;