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Print Puzzle - "Roman Holiday" by Steve Faiella on 5/15/2023
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1- Printer resolution abbreviation; 4- Swearing to tell the truth, and others; 9- Indoor camera attachment; 14- Lab maze runner; 15- "___ or lose it!" (last chance!); 16- Boy scout rank; 17- Resp. to a ques.; 18- Stop 1: It has a giant dome with a hole in the top; 20- Murder hornets and others; 22- Twosome; 23- Hello from Don Ho; 24- Some fancy cameras: Abbr.; 25- Refinery material; 28- Stop 2: Religious landmark known for its ceiling; 32- Had the feed bag on; 34- Kitchen flooring piece; 35- Ham-slicing department; 36- Cubes tossed at a casino; 38- City square; 41- "Don't count ___" (I may, or may not); 42- Mend, as socks; 43- Seaweed that surrounds sushi; 45- Cubes from the freezer; 46- Stop 3: Attraction that will gladly accept your spare change; 51- Grain for horses; 52- Complain constantly; 53- Go ___ (no longer following orders); 56- Female opera star or pop singer; 57- Nissans, before they were Nissans; 59- Stop 4: Where the Pope resides; 63- Avocado's middle; 64- "He's ___ nowhere man" (Beatles lyric); 65- Enthusiasm; 66- Baby's "piggy"; 67- Poke fun at; 68- Green Mountain Boys leader Allen; 69- It's the loneliest number, says 3 dog night;
1- Serious stage play; 2- Small group of experts; 3- "Oh, come on. Everyone knows!!"; 4- One rejected by society, maybe; 5- Tennis star Arthur; 6- Golf ball supports; 7- "With it", as with popular culture; 8- Paper clip alternative; 9- Excessive or irrational devotion to something; 10- "The Wizard of Oz" lion Bert; 11- Historic period; 12- ___ mo (instant replay feature); 13- Coop group female; 19- Antidrug cop; 21- Bigeye tuna, in Hawaii; 24- Approach stealthily; 25- Letting someone know how you really feel; 26- Excavation find; 27- Select group; 29- Gratuity; 30- Neighbor of Ky.; 31- "Much ___ About Nothing" (Shakespeare work); 32- Acquire more items for, as a collection; 33- Gem studded crown; 37- It may be self-addressed: Abbr.; 39- Japanese path of enlightenment; 40- Height above sea level: Abbr.; 44- "Wayne's World" catchphrase; 47- Eave hanger in winter; 48- Bean favored by Hannibal Lecter; 49- Florida fruit; 50- Apple phone system software; 54- Workers' association; 55- Lauder of fashion; 56- "Buenos ___!" ("Good Day!"); 57- Cable alternative; 58- "Girl!" or "Boy!" preceder (great job!); 59- Winery container; 60- "We ___ the Champions" (Queen hit); 61- 4:00 London social; 62- Partner of paste;