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Print Puzzle - "One for All and All for One" by Barb Olson on 5/13/2023
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1- Daycare dinner wear, maybe; 4- Italian cheese-producing town; 9- Beans named for Peru's capital; 14- "Hometown Proud" chain; 15- Search high and low; 16- "___ We Trust" ("Painting With Light" film); 17- Bullet exchange; 19- Gauzy stage backdrop; 20- Wizards of yore; 21- Bawdy language user's lack; 23- JFK airport alternative; 24- "Sunday morning creeping like ___" ("Lady Madonna" lyric); 25- Scotch and rye drinker's establishment; 28- "I'm not a robot" test; 30- Uppity; 31- 501 jeans brand; 34- Wallonian wallet-stuffers; 35- Where passport pictures are taken; 38- Make like a banana and ___; 40- Will's partner in many "SNL" skits; 41- Rumba relative; 43- Bandmate of Björn, Benny and Anni-Frig; 48- Stompin' Tom classic "Good Old ___"; 51- Dance at a Ceilidh, perhaps; 52- Man-mission link; 53- Circus barker; 54- "___ bleu!'; 55- Abate; 57- Try ... or something to do at 17-, 25-, 35- and 48-Across; 60- "... ___ bagatelle"; 61- "Cat People" that once lived near a Great Lake; 62- Words between "bug" and "rug"; 63- Made deeper, as a canal; 64- Kiss, or slap; 65- Spirit seeing skill;
1- "Two all beef patties, special sauce ..." burger; 2- Pet whose tail might fall off; 3- Excellent, as a job; 4- Covid-19 TV notices, say; 5- Bill passed in Parliament; 6- Sit too long in the fridge; 7- Prefix with -lateral or -lingual; 8- Zones; 9- Caught with a wire?; 10- Business letters?; 11- "Man" of old cigarettes; 12- "Domo ___, Mr. Roboto" (Styx lyric); 13- University in Halifax or Calgary; 18- ___ out of shape (huffy); 22- U.S. cashable payments: Abbr.; 25- Put an edge on; 26- Chaotic destruction; 27- "For ___ Will" ("Space Jam" song by Monica); 29- It keeps things hanging on the line; 32- Uncertain ending; 33- Iron setting; 35- Appeased; 36- Cletus Spuckler of "The Simpsons" is one; 37- Impulse; 38- Student of higher learning; 39- "Please call!"; 42- "You betcha, laddie"; 44- Presidential periods; 45- "Blue screen of death" fixer, maybe; 46- Long-legged marsh birds; 47- Brew pub fixture; 49- Bill from Microsoft?; 50- Distress with unexpected news; 54- Roughriders prov.; 56- Montevideo is its cap.; 58- Sportage and Spectra maker; 59- Bygone Common Market inits.;