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Print Puzzle - "Seasoned Pros" by Steve Faiella on 5/9/2023
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1- Gets ready, briefly; 6- Radiant look; 10- Not quite all; 14- Passover dinner; 15- "I can't believe ___ the whole thing!"; 16- Late celebrity ___ Nicole Smith; 17- Words from the wise; 19- Plumbing problem; 20- Difficult journey; 21- American flag color; 22- Recently; 24- Obama health care bill, for short; 26- Time off, in military jargon; 27- Includes in an e-mail: Abbr.; 28- Term for a good and honest person; 34- "Sweet Talkin' Woman" rock band; 35- Makes foggy, as a bathroom mirror; 36- Book of photos; 38- ___ Fail: Irish coronation stone (anagram of AIL); 39- Grocery shopper's aids; 43- What a live broadcast is in; 46- Be behind in payments; 47- Ad words indicating that an item was obtained but never opened; 50- One of a D.C. 100; 51- Wall Street event: Abbr.; 52- "Wheel of Fortune" buy; 53- Royal residence; 55- Out of the ordinary; 57- Slender-waisted stinger; 61- Object of worship; 62- Gain privileges through flattery; 65- Old Chevy model; 66- Living shade provider; 67- Nimble; 68- Lamb moms; 69- Like the tortoise in a famous race; 70- Rough Riders nickname;
1- "Hey! Over Here!"; 2- Back end; 3- Boundary line; 4- Get a glimpse of; 5- Mrs. in Spain; 6- Hand over; 7- "The Goose That ___ the Golden Egg"; 8- Needing no prescription: Abbr.; 9- Tots; 10- Where you'll find a Food Court; 11- Short, as a stage play; 12- Seize suddenly; 13- Movie shots; 18- Unwanted breeze; 23- German term for a young girl; 25- Rouge or mascara; 26- Send again, as a letter; 28- Mediterranean, for one; 29- Gain or Tide competitor; 30- High, arcing shot; 31- Share with, as a story; 32- Port-au-Prince is its capital; 33- Engineering sch. in Troy, N.Y.; 37- Large coffee brewer; 40- Weep aloud; 41- What it takes to Tango; 42- Census datum; 44- Sides of an issue; 45- How a knight would have addressed Queen Guinevere; 47- Pasture, or one of The Sopranos; 48- Head-over-heels; 49- Genre for Enya or Yanni; 50- Location of the vertebra; 54- "___ poor Yorick, I knew him, Horatio"; 55- Hydrox rival; 56- Pulled from a deck; 58- Gung-ho; 59- Realtor's favorite sign; 60- Hunted animal; 63- Address in a browser, for short; 64- Butcher's trimmings;