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Print Puzzle - "Moving Parts" by Barb Olson on 5/7/2023
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1- Persian leg warmer, perhaps; 7- "Not an open bar" indicator; 11- Graphics file extension; 14- Online brokerage; 15- Big talker, maybe?; 16- Suffix with neutr-; 17- Spa team that gives facials?; 19- 1550, to Flavius; 20- Membership charge; 21- Ain't right?; 22- Hide's counterpart in a game; 23- Totally trounce; 26- Fill-in-the blanks party game for doctors?; 28- Places for cochleas and canals; 29- Terrier type; 31- Rooster on "The Friendly Giant"; 32- Calgary's CTrain, e.g.; 33- "... man may learn wisdom even from ___": Aristophanes; 34- "___ me with a spoon!"; 35- Stressful transition for a fashionista?; 40- Bit in a Quaker bag; 41- ___ splints (runner's woe); 42- Jokers count; 44- Search or scrub hard; 47- Where cooks make stacks; 48- "And now!"; 49- Anger management retreat?; 51- Enjoys again on Spotify; 53- Sci-fi villain Jabba the ___; 54- Unit of type size; 56- Grafton's "___ for Innocent"; 57- Bach's "Mass ___ Minor"; 58- Halfway through a catapult assault?; 62- Bout ender, for short; 63- Others, in et. al.; 64- Large eel; 65- Bay St. market with bears and bulls; 66- Strokes, as a 1-Across; 67- Open, as a baby onesie;
1- Give permission to; 2- Tokyo 2020 entrant: Abbr.; 3- Would rather; 4- They close their nostrils in sandstorms; 5- "I challenge you to ___!"; 6- Shortened "Theodore"; 7- Patio spots that cooks flip over?; 8- Both of us, briefly put; 9- Use one's Dale Carnegie skills; 10- Put to ___ (move on from); 11- Lead-in to "of the essence"; 12- Having a mortgage, say; 13- Like Sarah Palin's trademark style; 18- So done with; 22- Jaw breakers that aren't so sweet; 23- NaCl, to a French chemist; 24- Hippocratic Oath no-no; 25- Fiddle-like, in an idiom; 27- Pull the plug; 30- "Oh, man?!!"; 33- Sound heard on waking, often; 34- Bellyache; 36- Say "oh, su-r-r-e," say; 37- Like glee club music; 38- Omen-believer's remark; 39- Swing gently; 43- Word with special or photo; 44- Mayor Roland in a Levy/O'Hara sitcom; 45- Sounds from a jalopy, maybe; 46- To-be-sent email folder; 47- Conscience-clearing words; 48- Sets straight, in a way; 50- Stacks; 52- Assign blame to; 55- Ottawa-based spy agcy.; 58- TV weather report aid; 59- Site with 24-hr. treatment; 60- U.S. teachers' org.; 61- Assn. or soc.;