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Print Puzzle - "Final Outs" by Steve Faiella on 5/3/2023
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1- Animal seen by Goldilocks; 5- Sudden twitch; 10- Players that are paid; 14- Keep the engine running; 15- Family name of Henry VIII; 16- Mine find; 17- Common stir-fry ingredient that resembles cut spaghetti; 19- Skin cream ingredient; 20- Photo-sharing app, for short; 21- Movie snack; 23- Not even a little off; 27- "___ we there yet?"; 28- Encircled by; 31- Traffic Circle synonym of British origin; 36- Part of a min.; 37- Nation once known as Zaire; 38- More than bad; 39- '70s dictator Amin; 40- Picnic pest; 41- Debate side; 43- Sighs of contentment; 44- Hash house; 46- Book of world maps; 48- Vietnamese New Year; 49- President Ford, as a teen; 51- Opposite of "his"; 52- Bottom-line figure; 53- Green Italian sauce; 55- Places where yachts are docked; 59- Predatory whales; 63- Actor Alda; 64- Speckled game-fish; 68- Note to the staff; 69- 1970 Clapton hit with the words "you've got me on my knees"; 70- Gumbo base; 71- Cleopatra's snakes; 72- English class assignment; 73- Bring up the ___ (be last);
1- Benjamin Netanyahu's nickname; 2- Adam and Eve's first home; 3- "That's too bad"; 4- Like many wedding tuxes; 5- Auto additive letters; 6- Brita water filter competitor; 7- "And now, without further ___..."; 8- Chicken noodle, e.g.; 9- Wild-riding squire of "The Wind in the Willows"; 10- Control-group dose; 11- Chocolate-caramel candy brand; 12- Foul smell; 13- Caught sight of; 18- Jazzy wind instrument; 22- Shrimplike seafood choices; 24- Elvis Presley's middle name; 25- Popular cold and flu medicine; 26- Harbor vessel; 28- Actor's remark to the audience; 29- Newspapers, TV, radio, etc.; 30- Birthday-cake covering; 32- "Beats me!"; 33- Give a speech; 34- Theater seat finder; 35- Midterms and finals; 37- What speeding cars do around turns; 42- Cheerios grain; 45- Weather-changing currents; 47- Kid's spinner; 50- Horse house; 51- Stephen King's genre; 54- Tater product; 55- Cry from a crib; 56- Saloon stock; 57- Turnpike turnoff; 58- Spanish ladies (Abbr); 60- Pepsi competitor; 61- Angelic glow; 62- Constellation part; 65- Yiddish cries of dismay; 66- Suffix with pay or schnozz; 67- Mary ___ cosmetics;