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Print Puzzle - "Presidents" by Gene Antonio on 5/2/2023
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1- Zero; 6- One third of a movie title; 10- Word before bowling or tennis; 14- Child-eating monster of Greek myth; 15- They play at Rice-Eccles Stadium; 16- Gen. Robert ___; 17- Sopping; 18- "___ That a Shame": Fats Domino; 19- Type of sax; 20- U.S. President plus projectiles (classic luxury autos); 23- Spock sported one; 25- "... ___ others as ..."; 26- Lit plus U.S. President (phenomenon in Book of Exodus); 30- Spore-bearing fungus cells; 31- Mimic; 32- Body builder's target; 35- New York school named for a medieval theologian, initially; 36- Child actress Gold; 38- Faberge fragrance; 39- Brillo alternative; 40- Valuable palm tree; 41- No Mr. Nice Guy; 42- U.S. President plus timber (child's toy); 46- Lose color; 49- Steals, in slang; 50- System of government plus U.S. President (aid money); 54- Object of devotion; 55- Timbuktu is here; 56- Shield of Athena; 60- Mount ascended by Moses; 61- Chick chaser?; 62- Italian brandy; 63- Former lovers; 64- State bordering Miss.; 65- Prohibit by law;
1- Site of Montgomery: abbr.; 2- Walter Reuther was its long-time president; 3- News program with Robin Roberts, familiarly; 4- Related to Spain; 5- Papeete is its capital; 6- Nomadic ethnic Berber group; 7- Relating to the ear; 8- Philosopher Descartes; 9- Nick and Nora's pet; 10- Get the hang of; 11- Assign as a share; 12- 1983 Little River Band song; 13- Italian airline; 21- Poetic contraction; 22- Largest urban area in Germany; 23- Mucho ___; 24- Killer whales; 26- Some have large mouths; 27- ABC; 28- Competitor of 46-Down; 29- Swedish singer Seinabo ___ with international hit "Younger"; 32- Shoptalk; 33- Towns; 34- Jeanne d'Arc et al.; 36- 1,101; 37- First name in spy novels; 38- Pillows; 40- Oriole or Blue Jay; 43- Conan on late-night TV; 44- Hawaii's Mauna ___; 45- Period of being under legal age; 46- Delivery co.; 47- Software co. featuring Acrobat Reader; 48- Small Greek island in the Aegean Sea; 50- It comes with a ticket; 51- Amo, amas, ___; 52- Weigh down; 53- Secluded valley; 57- Revolver; 58- Stock's debut on stock market, familiarly; 59- Easy mark;