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Print Puzzle - "Go With the Flow" by Barb Olson on 3/17/2023
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1- TV screen type; 7- IM pioneer; 10- "No kidding, Einstein"; 14- Singer Sheena; 15- "What's this then!"; 16- Volleyball brand; 17- Legal beef; 18- D-Day setting in France; 20- Idle drawing of a Chinese river?; 22- Competed against Penny Oleksiak; 23- Gagarin's earth-orbiting successor; 24- ___ card (phone insert); 27- Speedy rafting feat on an Egyptian river?; 31- Baby rat; 34- Real looker; 35- School transcript figs.; 36- Dump (on), as woes; 38- Swiped reading material?; 40- Devout-sounding pope; 41- Place for a less popular single; 44- Napoleon's "bravest of the brave" marshal; 45- Brief sumup of a book featuring a Scottish river?; 49- Fleur-de-___; 50- Computer debut of 1946; 51- Bloc Québécois leader ___-François Blanchet; 55- Remark made on dipping one's toes in a French river?; 59- Tech-savvy types; 61- Trafalgar Square statue hero; 62- Wetlands water body; 63- Corp. tech manager; 64- B.C.'s False and Fairy; 65- Have a look-see, with "out"; 66- Spike TV, today; 67- Quit harping about;
1- Diarist's name pronounced "peeps"; 2- Dey court series; 3- Yoga position; 4- Negative social label; 5- ___-Tremblant Ski Resort, Quebec; 6- Film about a bug named Z; 7- "Zut, alors!"; 8- Use as target practice; 9- Reason to find another hotel, maybe; 10- Slightly squashed circle; 11- Studies over intensely; 12- Short film?; 13- "___ of the Blind Pig" (African immigration film); 19- 1506, in letters; 21- "___ tête" ("Alouette" lyric); 25- "Can ___ a message?"; 26- Like bed-head hair; 28- Nick Nurse's org.; 29- Roadside war danger: Abbr.; 30- The Red Cross or CARE Canada, e.g.; 31- It's in the eye of the beholder?; 32- Coalition goal; 33- Needs to add up?; 37- Uruguayan ursa; 38- Ice cream maker; 39- Scottish hilltop; 41- As a fixed component; 42- Dot's meaning on a subway map; 43- Mosquito bite reminder; 46- "___ me" ("Another Bud"); 47- Like a 20-30 minute play; 48- Lacework loop; 52- Held with a carpentry grip; 53- Slim Japanese mushroom; 54- Just know, somehow; 56- Government, slangily; 57- Env. extra; 58- Desiccated; 59- Minnesota Twins twins?: Abbr.; 60- Pay back letters;