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Print Puzzle - "Geez Louise!" by Barb Olson on 3/10/2023
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1- Effuse with enthusiasm; 5- Cary of "The Princess Bride"; 10- Some wet bodies, in Québec; 14- Year in Caesar's reign?; 15- Attendees, after "party"; 16- K-12 school yrs.; 17- "Gotcha," at Woodstock; 18- Tennis's Andy Murray, for one; 20- "___ ways about it"; 22- Suffix for an adherent; 23- YouTube count; 24- "10 Things ___ About You" (Stiles/Ledger rom-com); 26- Bic tip; 27- Term for the interconnected world; 32- Gave a quick hello; 34- Time piece?; 35- Still life vessel; 36- DII doubled; 37- Tofurky protein source; 39- Coif locker; 41- Garten of "Barefoot Contessa"; 42- Blood type of 7% of the population; 44- Letters said while covering one's ears; 46- Part of a retail chain; 48- Winged watchful one; 51- Birdie's path; 52- Movie about a bomb-rigged bus; 53- Words before "where the buffalo roam"; 56- Vietnamese dish pronounced "fuh"; 57- Accomplished, Biblically; 61- Fuel-conscious car buyer's data; 64- "Straight ___ the rocks?"; 65- Dipper "bear"; 66- Tent-ative housing?; 67- Ont. campus near Queen's Park; 68- River of Hesse, Germany; 69- Adjective for racecars or hair; 70- Harbour cities: Abbr.;
1- Tide alternative; 2- Go back on one's word, in Word?; 3- Mini hissy fit; 4- Right out of control; 5- Chicken little?; 6- Nabokov novel once described as "unrestrained pornography"; 7- Avoids sneakily, with "out of"; 8- Before, before; 9- Vancouver-to-Victoria dir.; 10- Neatly penned; 11- Living ___ (fooling oneself); 12- Tobacco plug; 13- Workers' 9-digit I.D.s; 19- Good partner; 21- Cries before "Pick me!"; 25- Like an ecological dead zone; 26- Comment akin to "Smooth move"; 27- Don't-damn link, to Butler; 28- Hit the hammock, with "out"; 29- Where there's ___ there's ...; 30- Pool item that's passed down; 31- Quod ___ demonstratum; 32- When this clears in California, U.C.L.A., in a pun; 33- Indigenous group of Japan; 38- Vocalist Sumac; 40- Shot down a chute; 43- Element of "The Elements of Style"; 45- Ready for the Olympics, say; 47- Mind-numbingly dry; 49- Two before "fünf"; 50- Orbital peak; 53- Fever and chills; 54- Like all the "G" sounds on the left half of this grid; 55- Prefix meaning "bone"; 56- Brampton, Ontario's region; 58- Quit harping about; 59- Like all the "G" sounds on the right half of this grid; 60- They're good for a blast; 62- Some C.F.B. officers; 63- Comic strip squeal;