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Print Puzzle - "Fancy Pants" by Steve Faiella on 3/6/2023
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1- Crimson Tide school, for short; 5- Makes chocolate chips; 10- Directors Mendes and Peckinpah; 14- Like dental surgery; 15- Tolerate (Like "The Dude"); 16- Comics light bulb; 17- Traditional Easter flower; 18- Norway to a Norwegian; 19- City of the terra cotta army; 20- The assets of a Golden Gloves champion flower? (2 wds.); 22- Fishin' hole, perhaps; 23- Accommodates, as an auditorium; 24- Like some breads; 26- "I ______ from my bed..."; 29- Needing no prescription:Abbr.; 30- Slangy "yes"; 31- Those who patrionize crystal ball gazers?; 38- Sinus treatment pot; 40- Gangster's heat; 41- One who might sport a Tam; 42- Support group for people who love mollusks?; 47- "A drop of golden sun"; 48- "Oh, cry ___ river!"; 49- Remove all doubt; 51- Maintain as true; 54- Bother more and more; 56- Strategy; 57- Pretentiously high-class, or a hint to this puzzle's theme (2 wds); 62- Make tracks; 63- Accumulate, as a tab (2 wds.); 64- Color akin to aqua; 65- Hint of the future?; 66- Extract from; 67- One time Montreal MLBer; 68- It's for the birds; 69- Falco and Brickell; 70- Canned offering from Dinty Moore;
1- Like an emphasized font; 2- Opera solo number; 3- Landlocked neighbor of Niger; 4- Actress Milano; 5- Ace is a trade mark for one; 6- Its _____ time!; 7- James T. and Cameron; 8- Advantage; 9- What Santa does as you're sleeping? (2 wds.); 10- Beer belly contributors (2 wds); 11- "See ya, amigo!"; 12- Had in mind; 13- Pupil-less comics pages dog; 21- Desires; 25- List ending abbr.; 26- Together, with "in"; 27- Emma, partner of Steed; 28- Pro follower; 32- Halloween partner of TP?; 33- Scott Joplin composition; 34- Fr. religious figure; 35- Neutral shade; 36- 2013 Katy Perry hit; 37- Red eye?; 39- About to happen; 43- ___ Spiegel; 44- What a paroled inmate might say on the outside (3 wds.); 45- Enters again, on a computer; 46- Go bananas; 50- Some of these are blue; 51- Kitchen wear; 52- Moth attractor; 53- Stands up to; 54- Deep boredom; 55- Serious; 58- Word in a 1/1 song title; 59- May I help you?; 60- Scotch that's no good in a glass; 61- Like a proverbial boat to China;