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Print Puzzle - "Funny Business" by Barb Olson on 3/3/2023
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1- Bothersome; 6- Fort ___ (Alberta oil city, casually); 9- "___ die for!"; 14- Menzel who voiced Elsa in "Frozen"; 15- Carte start; 16- Baron Cohen of "Talladega Nights"; 17- Result of Schweppes merging with Tinder?; 20- Dip ___ in (tentatively test); 21- Pro athlete who's not allowed to travel?; 22- Clark who becomes a changed man; 23- Numbers game; 25- Like a frozen fire hose, say; 27- Result of TD Bank merging with Hydro One?; 29- Former Italian leaders; 30- Ambrose or Jaffe; 31- Numbered item in a how-to; 32- Clothing that may be distressed; 34- Like some sums; 38- Spelling of "Beverly Hills, 90210"; 39- Help for fixer-uppers; 40- Result of Napa merging with FedEx?; 44- Good luck charms; 46- Radical soccer fans; 47- Recycler's blue units; 48- ___ toilette; 50- "... the third time ___ many days"; 52- Result of Sleep Country merging with IHOP?; 55- How fresh fish are packed; 56- "Why Women Kill" star Lucy; 57- 46th U.S. president; 58- Makeup maker Lauder; 59- Visionary's gift, for short; 60- Sings like Ella Fitzgerald;
1- Variety of fine cotton; 2- Does some redacting; 3- Smallish steak size at The Keg; 4- Up to one's patellas; 5- ___ in "Yankee"; 6- Trendy guy's topknot; 7- Actor Alan born Alphonso D'Abruzzo; 8- Ran across; 9- Novel ending?; 10- Boldly take on; 11- O'Toole's predecessor; 12- If-___(conditional statements); 13- Brewing kilns; 18- "Pennies from Heaven" duettist with Bublé; 19- Flaming felonies; 24- Yiddish yelps; 26- Polish variant of Eva; 27- Patient caregivers: Abbr.; 28- Sap, as energy; 32- Took note?; 33- Apt to be removed from a board?; 34- "Splendid!"; 35- "Only ___ you say? Pity!"; 36- Plays nine or ten for the bar crowd; 37- Fashionable initials; 38- Three, in Torino; 39- Word before or after pack; 40- Political panelist, say; 41- Lorraine's partner on old maps; 42- Don the fancy duds; 43- Bit of beseeching; 44- 1960s activist Hoffman; 45- Demeanours; 49- "Exodus" writer Leon; 51- Stops on the GO Train: Abbr.; 53- Maiden name lead-in; 54- Computer mem. units;