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Print Puzzle - "Notable Edibles" by Steve Leach on 2/25/2023
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1- Butter units; 5- Sulk; 9- Break open, as a bubble; 14- "La donna e mobile," e.g.; 15- Summit; 16- Blanched; 17- 500 sheets of paper; 18- Neck part; 19- Scarlett's GWTW suitor; 20- "Five Easy Pieces" actress hawks chai?; 23- Football facilities; 24- Part of ENT; 25- "Let's Stay Together" singer promotes legumes?; 32- "One-hoss" carriage; 35- Female and male, e.g.; 36- Movie vampire nickname; 37- Cooped-up female?; 38- Building add-on; 39- Hoppy brew; 40- Miners' yields; 42- Willow; 44- Driver of "White Noise"; 45- "Charlotte's Web" author shills sandwich loaves?; 48- Ambient music pioneer Brian; 49- Norway neighbor; 53- "I Feel Good" performer plugs pints?; 57- Honda luxury line; 59- Musical that introduced "Good Morning Starshine"; 60- Corn and canola; 61- Police academy student; 62- Em, in books by 55-down; 63- "___ and watch as tears go by": Rolling Stones; 64- Wear away; 65- Med. care providers; 66- Hennas;
1- Central and Hyde; 2- "You and I ___ odds with each other"; 3- Princess bling; 4- Like Amazon Prime deliveries, often; 5- Guy purses; 6- Co-birthstone with tourmaline; 7- Salt-N-___ (hip-hop group); 8- Co. bigwig; 9- Bill for cocktails; 10- Showed to a seat; 11- South American flightless bird; 12- Ready-go go-between; 13- Explosive material; 21- Zilch; 22- Dolls stocked beside Barbies; 26- Actress Witherspoon; 27- Bookplate inscription: Abbr.; 28- Moray catcher; 29- Like the Sahara; 30- Wine valley; 31- Pyramid scheme, e.g.; 32- Croc or mule; 33- Fenugreek or fennel; 34- All over again; 41- Clipped wool; 42- Missouri River Indigenous tribe; 43- Vacation destinations; 44- Type of tonsil; 46- Alcatraz's Birdman, for example; 47- "So cute!"; 50- One of the "Dukes of Hazzard"; 51- "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt'"s Kimmy; 52- Birds' homes; 53- Martial art; 54- Deposed Iranian leader; 55- Author L. Frank; 56- Pejorative term for a certain type of GOP voter; 57- King beater; 58- Item produced by 57-across;