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Print Puzzle - "Finishing First" by Barb Olson on 2/24/2023
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1- Summer setting in Alta.; 4- One of three in Twenty Questions; 10- Insta shots; 14- Spanish "day"; 15- Like an anti-cruelty advocate; 16- "___ for real?" ("That guy's joking, right?"); 17- *Luring online using a fake identity; 19- Twelfth Jewish month; 20- Where to find a dead Boddy; 21- Olive-bearing shrub of Europe; 23- *Places for online feedback; 27- Defunct Nashville music label; 28- Long to have; 29- Chilling experience?; 33- Dirty film, say; 34- "Do ___ say!"; 36- *Blow up online; 39- ___ crossroads; 40- Paper towel brand; 42- Ravaged by conflict; 44- Singer called "The Voice of the Human Rights Movement"; 47- Instruction manual topic; 48- *Online venues for making career connections; 55- Ratio of 6:3 or 8:4; 56- Wrinkled salad green; 57- Old smartphone; 58- Domain extensions, as those found at the start of the starred clues' answers; 61- Booted it; 62- Ready to grow; 63- Wee weasel; 64- Takes decisive acton; 65- Plagues with worry; 66- Lead-in to caps or Cat;
1- Ancient Roman's 1800; 2- Begin a collect call, old-style; 3- Youngest Academy Award winner O'Neal; 4- "___ see" ("Now it makes sense"); 5- N or v-shaped Greek letters; 6- Fan seeker's complaint; 7- Pops in the post; 8- "Bonne ___!" (cry on "le 1 janvier"); 9- Lasting memory after death; 10- Bakeware items that inspired the Frisbee; 11- Offshore place for Dundee dudes?; 12- Produce robotically, one after the other; 13- Shaken stuff in French cuisine; 18- ___ fatale (seductress); 22- Abbr. on many French churches; 24- Smokeless smoke; 25- Prefix with -pharynx meaning "nose"; 26- Madrid Mme.; 29- Real-time Twitter update; 30- Three before X; 31- Coastal channel; 32- Need Wite-Out, say; 34- Lady's ware sold door-to-door; 35- Off-itinerary jaunt; 37- In ___ of war (competing); 38- Yours may be someone's gain; 41- Like the pen of author Margaret, say; 43- Touchy subject for holistic therapists?; 45- Daycare denizen; 46- Stir, as suspicion; 49- BTS's country South ___; 50- 31-Down, e.g.; 51- "Wants and ___" (Drake/Lil Baby song); 52- Takes a nosedive; 53- County locale of St. Thomas, Ontario; 54- Italian "sixth"; 57- However fast?; 59- U.S. three Rs org.; 60- Banned bug spray;