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Print Puzzle - "What a Joint!" by Mark McClain on 2/23/2023
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1- Powerful cards in bridge; 5- Long time periods; 9- "Quaking" tree in the Rockies; 14- Chaucer specialty; 15- Ancient wisdom; 16- Ending for tele- or micro-; 17- *Upstream wave on a coastal river; 19- Like some intimate apparel; 20- Anger; 21- Clumsy lugs; 22- Caused a civil disturbance; 23- Crowd control barriers; 25- Old El ___ (Tex-Mex foods brand); 26- "___ port in a storm!"; 27- Like the tamest lamb; 31- Certain averages; 34- Band on a finger; 35- Down in the dumps; 36- Wrinkly fruit; 37- "Journey to the Center of the Earth" author Jules; 38- Scary sign from the gods; 39- Quarter ___ (common musical symbol); 40- Merely; 41- Goes without eating; 42- Shields from other people; 44- High elevation conifer; 45- Spent carelessly, as money; 46- Ice cream shop treats; 50- Thread holders; 53- ___ mater; 54- Mai ___ (cocktail); 55- Joint whose middle letters are a corporate takeover initialism as seen in the *clue answers; 56- *Cattle drive leader; 58- Nary a soul; 59- Buggy driver's strap; 60- Pub choices; 61- Bird's call; 62- Yin counterpart; 63- War partner;
1- Storage floor; 2- Nile River city; 3- Church official; 4- Baltic or Red; 5- Capital of New York; 6- Makes a mistake; 7- Makes another mistake; 8- Lay eyes on; 9- Help out; 10- *Local education authorities; 11- Versifier; 12- Fencing option; 13- Brainy introvert; 18- Northern water birds; 22- Kitchen appliance; 24- *Legendary American frontiersman; 25- Coin no longer minted in Canada; 27- Future women; 28- Spreading shade trees; 29- Fat in a bird feeder; 30- Column next to ones; 31- Locally issued bond, in investor's lingo; 32- Barriers to cooperation, at times; 33- Woman in a chorus; 34- Extend, as a subscription; 37- Election day counts; 41- Last; 43- Full of baloney; 44- Really ticked off; 46- Killed, biblically; 47- Coral island; 48- Art student's prop; 49- Scaredy-cat; 50- Mailed; 51- Sodbuster's implement; 52- High-pitched woodwind; 53- Zone; 56- Hear in court; 57- Lamb's bleat;