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Print Puzzle - "Goes Down Swinging" by Steve Faiella on 1/22/2023
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1- Ali ___; 5- Isolate during the winter; 10- Ambulance staffers: Abbr.; 14- "Terrible" Russian czar; 15- Prefix for economics; 16- Hockey objective; 17- Main point; 18- Certain PGA tourney; 19- Like many horror films; 20- Slugger's implements; 23- Eats away at; 24- Sport ___ (4WD vehicle); 25- Chest bone; 28- Albany is its capital: Abbr.; 29- On the briny; 32- Like noisy floorboards; 34- Tool with a big head; 36- "Right now!"; 39- DO ___ DISTURB; 40- Portable Apple device; 41- Tango requirement; 46- Partner of be-all; 47- Jean who wrote "The Clan of the Cave Bear"; 48- "Constrictor" snake; 51- Cloud backdrop; 52- City transport; 54- Ailey and a singing chipmunk; 56- Tool used for those who serve; 59- Letter starter; 62- Aladdin's powerful pal; 63- Bygone Ritz cracker rival; 64- Stare rudely; 65- Is deserving of; 66- "Are you coming ___ out?" (question to a dog); 67- Elapse, as time; 68- Sport with clay targets; 69- Gladys Knight's backup;
1- Bell in a London clock tower; 2- Zoo facility for birds; 3- Low opera voices; 4- Started a poker pot; 5- Stalemate in negotiations; 6- Sagan of "Cosmos"; 7- Green science: Abbr.; 8- Former Yankee pitcher Hideki (anagram of URBIA); 9- Hardly and competition (for); 10- "Sunny-side up" order; 11- Report from the field?; 12- Roof material; 13- Cunning; 21- Ally Mc____ (Fox legal drama/comedy of 1997); 22- Data storage prefix; 25- Way off the highway; 26- Scandinavian furniture giant; 27- Admiral who explored Antarctica; 30- "Giant" writer Ferber; 31- Ancient Greek market; 33- Mideast leader; 34- Org. for cat and dog lovers; 35- "___, Brute?"; 36- Fruit punches; 37- Fell to the seabed; 38- "Raggedy" fellow; 42- German river to the North Sea; 43- Nosedives; 44- Closest by; 45- First name in jazz singing; 48- Photo shoot bathing suit; 49- A single bounce, in baseball; 50- Fur trader John Jacob and family; 53- Move stealthily; 55- TV program blocker; 56- Deuce topper, in cards; 57- Memo abbr.; 58- Trig ratio; 59- Basset Hound or Black Lab; 60- It might be inflated or bruised; 61- Calgary's prov.;