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Print Puzzle - "Bakery Order Mix-ups" by Barb Olson on 1/20/2023
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1- Feel-good sounds?; 4- To the back, to the bos'n; 10- Nasty Nile biters; 14- Soup can shape: Abbr.; 15- The only deaf Oscar winner ___ Matlin; 16- Big name in computers; 17- Air care org. in the U.S.; 18- Fruit-filled objects in a bakery food fight?; 20- Updated "So's yer old lady!"; 22- Go full-tilt; 23- Clickable link; 24- CM halved; 25- "Me?," to Macron; 27- Older lover's male plaything, in slang; 29- Biscuit bought at a drive-thru bakery?; 32- Be victorious in; 33- God a.k.a. Cupid; 34- Camera choices, briefly; 38- Without an Rx; 39- Angry cat sound; 41- High-speed hookup letters; 43- Pious threesome?; 44- Slowly infiltrate, with "in"; 46- Mani-___; 48- Call-ending words; 50- Bakery loaf sold during the NHL finals?; 53- Shower streaker; 56- Grain in a Salinger title; 57- NBA's Magic, on scoreboards; 58- Locale of Abu Dhabi: Abbr.; 59- Yesterday: Ital.; 61- Kind of artist or clause; 64- Chewy rolls that have far surpassed their shelf life?; 67- MAD Magazine's "Planet ___!!!!!"; 68- Homophone of "news"; 69- "What she said" sayer; 70- A in German class?; 71- Greets visitors, as a Pekinese; 72- Points toward the cons; 73- "Who's your daddy?" solving aid;
1- Rowe of CBC Radio's "The Doc Project"; 2- One who doesn't walk the talk; 3- Flail in a mosh pit; 4- Switch on a radio; 5- Sub standard?; 6- Whirl or stab; 7- Top-tier governance; 8- Parti Québécois founder Lévesque; 9- Contradictory types; 10- Energizer size; 11- Gritty goop for skin; 12- ___-Canada (fillup option); 13- "Really?, in a quick text; 19- Video game film of 1982; 21- ___, Bravo, Charlie,...; 26- Dublin dramatist Sean who wrote "June and the Paycock"; 28- It's "da" to a Muscovite; 29- Buddy system units; 30- Alta.'s Macleod and McMurray; 31- Arrange systematically; 35- What many '60s women fought to become; 36- Major annoyance, casually; 37- Served with papers; 40- Cot for company; 42- High pitch?; 45- COVID unit coverup; 47- Dudley ___, cartoon Mountie; 49- McDonald's mogul Ray; 51- Pork cut for a low-fat diet; 52- Beetle's antenna, often; 53- Uncomfortably humid; 54- ___ wage (be employed); 55- Arrange, as a Zoom call, say; 60- Ethnicity; 62- Many "stan" countries, once: Abbr.; 63- Daffy Dame who wore "face furniture"; 65- Ending with baron or count; 66- Fair-hiring abbr.;