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Print Puzzle - "Dear Dairy" by Steve Faiella on 1/16/2023
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1- "Bohemian Rhapsody" Oscar winner Malek; 5- Longtime seller of Lacoste shirts; 9- Thick, as fog; 14- Hymn word; 15- Kids taboo; 16- Noted celebrity gossip show; 17- Actress Kate or Rooney; 18- Leaves town; 19- Purse feature; 20- VIP; 22- "A Black Fly in Your Chardonnay", according to Alanis Morissette; 23- Big name in multivitamins; 24- Take advantage of; 25- Geometric fig.: Abbr.; 26- Charm with flattery; 31- Locks up; 34- It's where the heart is; 35- Geometric function; 36- War site during LBJ's presidency: Abbr.; 37- Big drinks of water; 38- Sever; 39- Elbow joint bone; 41- Aardvark's lunch; 42- Senior events; 44- Nice guys; 46- Agent's cut; 47- Alliance since 1948: Abbr.; 48- First lady before Hillary; 52- Shocked breaths; 55- Kindergarten outlay; 57- Select group; 58- "Four and twenty blackbirds baked in ___"; 59- Finished; 60- Fashion show poser; 61- Nativity scene trio; 62- Ocean motion; 63- Watermelon discards; 64- Condition that might be helped by a fidget spinner: Abbr.; 65- Stone and Stallone;
1- Role for one of 65A; 2- At full speed, aboard ship; 3- Highway sign; 4- Where broken arms may be; 5- Out of neutral, as a car; 6- Deschanel on "New Girl"; 7- Wallet stuffers; 8- Measure of medicine; 9- Partner of cease; 10- Main courses; 11- Roman emperor who fiddled around?; 12- Type of dive; 13- Annual TV award for athletes; 21- Command post: Abbr.; 24- Southwestern Indians; 26- Leaves suddenly; 27- Calls the game; 28- Puerto ___; 29- "E Pluribus ___"; 30- Dogs, cats and fish; 31- Like a bug in a rug; 32- Angelic glow; 33- "Yeah, ain't happening"; 34- Suspended on the wall; 37- Jokes that may be "running"; 40- Brought home a shelter dog; 42- Long lasting hairdo; 43- PC start-overs; 45- Painting stands; 46- Bogus license, e.g.; 48- HMS Bounty captain; 49- Blacksmith's iron block; 50- Like marshes; 51- Dr. Kildare portrayer Lew ___ (anagram of YEARS); 52- Stones on rings; 53- Sunblock ingredient; 54- Debate position; 55- Baby's first word, often; 56- Portable Apple device;