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Print Puzzle - "Animal Mutations" by Barb Olson on 1/15/2023
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1- Open ___ Night; 4- Singer, from the Italian for "goddess"; 8- Barrister - ___; 13- Engaged in a holy war; 15- Section for peasants in Shakespeare's theatre; 17- Fake news about a bulb-seeking flier?; 18- Type of envelope; 19- Visiting Hollywood's city; 20- Booty you don't shake; 22- Blowout event; 23- Part of CIBC: Abbr.; 25- Digs for a crustacean?; 28- Crop turning machines: Var.; 31- "Sounds about right to me"; 32- Certain school master?; 34- Bank stmt. "in"; 35- Suffix with lime or lemon; 36- Collection agency targets; 38- High-speed connection, briefly; 41- Rep. at T.O.'s Queen's Park; 43- Paw protector for a canine chef?; 46- Quebec Premier Fran├žois; 50- Slept off a drunk, with "up"; 51- It peeps poetically?; 53- Web address opener; 54- Dip ___ in (test before swimming); 55- Meet ___ (rom-com first encounter); 58- Eye part, flower or name; 60- Complex Cuban dance; 63- Weasel living as a holy hermit?; 65- Plant leaves; 66- Seep through; 67- Twitter tirades; 68- Joyful cries; 69- ___ Jones Industrial Average;
1- 1901, etched in stone, maybe; 2- Airtight, as an alibi; 3- Go wild for a change; 4- Work like a beaver?; 5- Pastoral poem; 6- Legislative kibosh; 7- Like a temporary committee; 8- Cash box, of a sort; 9- Lopez album "J to ___ LO!"; 10- It's taken off for a photo-op; 11- Beekeeper's workplace; 12- Bruce of "Die Hard"; 14- Detective, slangily; 16- Karate-based workout fad; 21- Prefix with -fecta or -focal; 24- Classic British sports car; 26- Fleshes out; 27- Mad Cow Disease, to a farm vet: Abbr.; 28- Org. with alleys and gutters; 29- Big whoop-de-do; 30- Truro-to Peggy's Cove dir.; 33- Theology inst.; 37- Putin's place: Abbr.; 38- Where one may get into a rut; 39- Take on, as a new role; 40- Kin of co. or inc.; 41- Fully initiated Mafia member; 42- Porter house?; 44- Texter's "truthfully"; 45- Chance to do whatever I want; 46- Pieces of angle iron; 47- No matter which; 48- First set of test subjects, say; 49- Inquiry led by Justice Murray Sinclair: Abbr.; 52- Like a fixer-upper; 56- Lyrics before "yellow ribbon"; 57- Professor Higgins, to Eliza; 59- Write with a slant, maybe; 61- Diner triple-decker; 62- Jack or jenny; 64- Odometer figs.;