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Print Puzzle - "A One and a Two" by Barb Olson on 1/9/2023
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1- "I'm such an IDIOT!"; 4- Groups within groups; 11- Meme file, often; 14- ___-lacto vegetarian; 15- Heaped haphazardly; 16- "Ceci n'est pas ___ pipe" (text on a Magritte painting); 17- Not masc.; 18- Pen enclosing the Great Barrier Reef?; 20- Go totally ballistic; 22- Opening for light?; 23- Kellogg brand once called Froffles; 24- Bread burgled from a German bakery?; 28- Decide in favour of; 29- Toots alternative; 30- Suffix with count or baron; 31- Mao's successor; 32- Lab assistant?; 34- Greek Ns; 36- One trimming a sharpshooter's hair?; 41- Bird's beak; 42- Attracted to pos.; 43- Coltrain Spanish song title; 44- WhatsApp chats; 47- Supermarket door word; 49- Waved off; 51- Doing an employee evaluation on a narc?; 54- ___ probandi (burden of proof); 55- Honshu river; 56- Exams for future attys.; 59- Crooner Michael's COVID-safe circle?; 63- Toronto arts magazine; 64- Planet, to Pound; 65- Vicious Vlad, for one; 66- Efile recipient; 67- Whodunit author Josephine ___; 68- Ones with slim hopes?; 69- Novel subj.;
1- Take off the top?; 2- "Your turn," in CB lingo; 3- Having a rustic simplicity; 4- Fed up with; 5- Game name meaning "one"; 6- Tradesperson?; 7- Reproduce, as salmon; 8- Billie with seven Grammies; 9- Kid-glove treatment, briefly; 10- Google hits booster, in webspeak; 11- It's heard when you pull the plug; 12- Since forever; 13- Ones wanted for bank jobs, maybe?; 19- Theologian's study: Abbr.; 21- Manage to get; 25- Beetle named Herbie, with "the"; 26- "The ___ Show" (Fallon's program); 27- "Come ___!" (call from a balcony); 28- Post Honey Graham ___; 33- "That's Hockey" TV channel; 35- Rightmost utensils in place settings; 37- Lowly labourer; 38- Easily stacked, as 35-Down; 39- Graceful refinement; 40- 3-ball's colour, in pool; 44- Will Smith automaton sci-fi; 45- Organic soil enhancer; 46- Bygone beer bottle, per its shape; 48- Road show group; 50- A "Battle of Alberta" hockey team; 52- Part of P.E.I.: Abbr.; 53- Being given a pitch; 57- Hit for Natalie Imbruglia, 1997; 58- Stuff in a prize bag, e.g.; 60- Post-Ramadan fĂȘte; 61- Wgt.-to-hgt. ratio; 62- The Once-___ ("The Lorax" character);