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Print Puzzle - "Beachcombing" by Steve Faiella on 1/4/2023
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1- ____ rock (David Bowie genre); 5- Actress Pinkett-Smith; 9- Hawaiian state birds; 14- Country road; 15- Airport landing predictions: Abbr.; 16- Floating bar soap; 17- Off Broadway theater award; 18- Western author Grey; 19- Donates; 20- Fourth of July firework that shoots straight upward (hopefully); 23- Laundry Room Brand; 24- Sash for a Kimono; 25- Julia's role on Seinfeld; 29- N.Y. Mets div.; 30- Picture hanging place; 32- "Aren't ___ pair?" ("Send in the Clowns" lyric); 33- Business entities that only exist on paper; 37- Gush out; 38- How 31D might respond to a request for a date; 39- Shoppe sign word; 40- Sweet bread spread made from tart fruit; 45- ___ Lingus: Irish carrier; 46- Said "The check is in the mail", maybe?; 47- Former name for Tokyo; 48- Michael Phelps' total is 28; 50- "I knew it was you!!"; 51- Jamaican music genre that precedes Reggae; 54- Looking for stuff in the sand, or a hint to the beginnings of 20A, 33A, and 40A; 58- Footrace with batons; 61- Game show impresario Griffin; 62- Think tank output; 63- Act too broadly; 64- General vicinity; 65- Hit the car horn; 66- Casts a ballot; 67- Miss America wears one; 68- Fantasy or Gilligan's (abbr.);
1- Earth miniature; 2- Work hard; 3- Singers Baker or O'Day; 4- Encounter; 5- Biblical wicked woman; 6- Maker of 2600 video game console; 7- Cop always being asked to "Book Em!"; 8- "Hang on ____!" ("Be right there!); 9- Award winning chef Lawson; 10- Broadway show about the Perons; 11- Thanksgiving mo.; 12- Before, in a poem; 13- The "S" of CBS (abbr.); 21- Laze about; 22- Sushi seaweed; 26- Volunteer's offer; 27- Emotionally demanding; 28- Simplicity; 29- Beginner, in gamer slang: Abbr.; 30- "____ you care to dance?"; 31- French female friend; 33- Shopper's delight; 34- Learned through the grapevine; 35- Deal with difficulties; 36- "___ contendere (no contest plea); 37- Run a con game; 41- Paying close attention, visually; 42- Where the leaning tower leans; 43- The Lord's name in the Hebrew Bible; 44- Gouda alternative; 49- Lessen; 50- Land measurement units; 51- A triangle has three of them; 52- Prepare to propose, maybe; 53- Wide open, as the mouth; 55- Awards show were you may catch Blake Shelton: Abbr.; 56- Queen of Greek gods; 57- Nickname for Netanyahu; 58- Gun the engine, maybe; 59- Expressive music subgenre; 60- Land for a future house;