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Print Puzzle - "A Means to an End" by Barb Olson on 1/3/2023
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1- Unlikely reader of "Miss Manners"; 5- Nab, as a hot deal; 9- Get ___ vibe (feel uneasy); 13- "Sick!," in the '60s; 14- "The Gathering Place" Hawaiian isle; 15- Certain farm girls; 16- Not likely to stick around; 18- Patty Stacker purveyor; 19- "Little Women" writer's inits.; 20- Z-shaped Greek letter; 21- Gives a licking?; 22- Comical Carvey; 24- Do worse than ever; 28- Aaron's 2,297, e.g.; 30- Electronic car key; 31- Mopey genre; 32- "Ready to roll!"; 35- Place to preserve?; 36- Its cap. is Reykjavík; 37- Do a magic trick with a box and a blade; 41- Tracy Marrow's Ice-T and O'Shea Jackson's Ice Cube; 42- Irk; 43- Diarist of the Great Plague and other events; 44- 100-yr. span; 45- Present day assistant; 46- Wife of Norm on "Cheers"; 48- Doesn't fall far from the tree, so to speak; 51- Pope's "The ___ of the Lock"; 55- Make a call in the '70s, say; 56- Mirror-cracking; 58- "Pa" hillbilly of TV; 59- Charlotte and Lara; 60- Airer of "Shark Week" and "The Incredible Dr. Pol"; 63- Nonsense-named selling site; 64- "Star Trek" counsellor; 65- Hubby's mate; 66- With 68-Across, words to a couch potato ... and a hint to the ends of 16-, 24-, 37-, 48- and 60-Across; 67- Partner of now; 68- See 66-Across;
1- Title city in a civil rights film; 2- ___ egg (bomb bigtime); 3- Place to play the ponies: Abbr.; 4- R&B's ___ II Men; 5- "By Jove, you're right!"; 6- Henpeck; 7- Feel-good sound; 8- Digestive target of probiotics; 9- Not true, in a way; 10- Flipped lid?; 11- In a mind-blowing way; 12- Internet access inits.; 13- Prov. part nicknamed "The Rock"; 17- Drink pronounced "knee high"; 21- With "the," site-seeing place?; 23- Domains; 25- "I'm not ___" (tepid assessment); 26- Formal "me neither"; 27- Scarfs (down); 29- Cousin of FYI; 32- "All I gotta do ___ naturally" (song lyric); 33- Arrange to meet; 34- Superlatively stylish; 35- Car with a cat on its hood, for short; 36- Gossipmonger's opening; 38- "... ___-da, life goes on ..."; 39- Flub; 40- U.S. station similar to CBC; 45- Babbel course, maybe; 46- Produce product, briefly; 47- Writer ___ Stanley Gardner; 49- Course that's a cakewalk; 50- Struggling student's hiree; 52- One sec; 53- Large Lake Erie island; 54- Watery vortex; 57- Cat wail; 59- Grade of gas, for short; 60- Unspecified degree; 61- First word of a classic Judy Blume title; 62- Console that sounds like you and me;