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Print Puzzle - "Crash Course" by Steve Faiella on 11/24/2022
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1- Shapeless forms; 6- Toxic chemical compounds in industrial waste, briefly; 10- "Beware the ___ of March"; 14- Make a new navigation chart; 15- Like one in a million; 16- Canine in Oz; 17- Has ___ up one's sleeve; 18- Square footage; 19- Thug; 20- Beginning of a Dow Jones crash, in many cases; 23- Not colorful; 24- Burst into tears; 25- Brunch cocktail; 29- Soprano's high note; 30- Cul-de-___ (dead end); 33- "I need ___" (yawner's remark); 34- 'What's the big ___?'; 37- One using Juuls; 39- IBM or Apple crash; 42- Words mouthed at a TV camera; 43- Have an inkling; 44- R&B singer India.___; 45- Suffix for schnozz; 46- Certain colonist; 48- Arched foot part; 50- I love, in Latin; 51- ___ club (school's singing group); 53- Crash a party, maybe; 60- Lending institution; 61- Get___the ground floor; 62- Revere; 63- Pay, with "up"; 64- Nonspeaking street performer; 65- Campus quarters; 66- Cat call; 67- Former couples; 68- Spring ___ (need a plumber);
1- "Dracula" novelist Stoker; 2- "Stormy Weather" singer Horne; 3- "The Rubaiyat" poet ___ Khayyam; 4- Drive in reverse, with "up"; 5- A bike might have ten; 6- Devil's fashion choice, in a Meryl Streep film; 7- Tree that yields a chocolate substitute; 8- Prepare, as hot tea; 9- Spirit-summoning event; 10- Computer-savvy office fellow; 11- One of three on "Let's Make a Deal"; 12- British school that's over 500 years old; 13- Dad, to Gramps; 21- Personal characteristic; 22- Rome's ___ Fountain; 25- Ultra-manly (maybe a bit *too* manly); 26- How fries are fried; 27- "___ Mia!" (Abba musical); 28- Political research against the other side, slangily (Anagram of POOP); 29- Informal dining spot; 30- Sudden growth; 31- High nest; 32- Grow like ivy; 35- Highly skilled; 36- Before, in poetry; 38- Cry of dismay; 40- The fifth taste, courtesy of Japan; 41- Extraterrestrial; 47- "Sorry, can't, I'm late"; 49- Las Vegas locale; 50- To one side; 51- Garden munchkin; 52- Queues; 53- Wind direction indicator; 54- Disappear ___ thin air; 55- Linux alternative; 56- Worshipped image; 57- Ripped up; 58- "The Grass Is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank" writer Bombeck; 59- Piece of office furniture; 60- Emeril Lagasse shout;