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Print Puzzle - "Hiding in the Dark" by Barb Olson on 11/23/2022
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1- Tootled in a marching band; 6- Pendulum partner in a Poe title; 9- Dive with a mid-air toe touch; 14- Italian violin maker; 15- When doubled, gung-ho; 16- Give a lusty once-over; 17- Landline or modem plug-in; 19- Sends elsewhere, as the kids, with "out"; 20- ___ faire (hands-off policy); 21- Abandon, slangily; 23- Lodging that sounds like a preposition; 24- Versatile worker; 29- "Wing" prefix, in dinosaurdom; 31- Game with Plum and Mustard; 32- Direct line abbr.; 33- Crank (up); 36- Wannabe rock star's sendout, once; 39- Slang for heroin dealer, and Billy Joel song title; 43- Pirate played by Depp; 44- Thinks over for a while; 46- Either you ___ (one of us); 47- Where to hear "Puzzlemaster" Will Shortz; 48- Motown singer India.___; 50- Vocal pearl-clutch; 54- Video game series of pop culture trivia; 59- Vardalos or Peeples; 60- Toronto rockers in a hurry?; 61- Frog imitator, say; 63- Rub in a win; 66- Card game represented by six squares in this puzzle; 68- Negative survey option in Quebec; 69- Annie Oakley asset; 70- "Copperhead Road" singer Steve; 71- British red-white-and-blue; 72- "Yew betcha!"; 73- Hoops athlete;
1- Big mouth resulting from a big mouth; 2- Words of clarification; 3- Bambi's sweetie; 4- Somme summers; 5- Slang for boozer, from "thirst"; 6- Big name in happy pills; 7- CBC newsman Hanomansing; 8- Whine lover's music genre?; 9- Trendy yogurt drink; 10- Spiral-horned antelope; 11- "Y," in comparatives; 12- Word before "I smell the blood of ..."; 13- Mini music albums, briefly; 18- Bunny boss Hugh, for short; 22- "Ritardando" followup, maybe; 25- Honorary legal deg.; 26- "___ White People" (Netflix comedy); 27- Big do in Montreal, 1967; 28- Crockpot comfort food; 30- Post a podcast review, say; 34- Hard-to-fold guide; 35- Italians with a skewed view?; 37- Dingy thingy; 38- Abbreviated math course; 39- Folky foursome at Woodstock, for short; 40- Brand in a lab?; 41- Lima's land; 42- Ontario's Nipissing University city; 45- Suffix with neat or beat; 49- Set up tents, etc.; 51- Turkey's capital; 52- Century: Fr.; 53- Finder of a spot in a lot, maybe; 55- Liquid-Plumr shelfmate; 56- Go ___ a limb; 57- Middle-earth menace; 58- Shaken from slumber; 62- Take ___ at (insult); 63- Bearded grass grazer; 64- Chaney mentioned in "Werewolves of London"; 65- Common pasta ending; 67- Trip the polygraph;