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Print Puzzle - "Watch Your Fingers!" by Steve Faiella on 11/17/2022
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1- Solemn pledge; 5- Burn with steam; 10- Civil rights icon Parks; 14- "___ the crack of dawn"; 15- Person doing nothing; 16- Horse developed in the desert; 17- Try for a rideshare; 19- Powerful wind; 20- Embassy VIP; 21- Magical charm; 23- Homage in verse; 24- "___ thee to a nunnery": Hamlet; 25- Thurman of Hollywood; 26- Toy cats love to play with; 32- Stick to; 35- Geologic division; 36- Italian soup pasta; 37- Serenade, as a wolf to the moon; 38- "Mad Men'"s Hamm; 39- Blue cartoon creature; 40- Calls the game; 41- Way out there; 42- Close again, as a jar; 43- Pacifier alternative; 46- Refinery material; 47- Blood classification letters; 48- "Chandelier" singer/songwriter; 51- Come out of hiding; 55- Very short boxing match; 57- Trevi Fountain locale; 58- Seal the deal, kid-style; 60- Get___the ground floor; 61- "Nobody is better than me!"; 62- Border; 63- Allay, as fears; 64- Uses a stun gun on; 65- Like one end of a pool;
1- Get the better of; 2- Garden insect; 3- Gray-brown stocking shade; 4- Web programming language; 5- Blue-eyed cat; 6- Percentage in a bank ad; 7- Landed on a perch; 8- Headed up; 9- "It'll never happen!"; 10- Pasta sauce first sold in 1937; 11- Like testimony, usually; 12- Clearance event; 13- Assist a criminal; 18- "Casablanca" star Humphrey; 22- ___ tai (cocktail); 25- Second word of fairy tales; 26- Absolute minimum; 27- Company shake-up, for short; 28- Chinese menu note; 29- Beyond doubt; 30- Old Testament book next alphabetically after Ezekiel; 31- Texter's "Hilarious!"; 32- Lie against; 33- Honored woman; 34- Promotional hoopla; 38- Actress Seymour; 39- Madrid misters; 41- Backyard amenity for cool weather; 42- Steakhouse selections; 44- Harley-Davidson, slangily; 45- Annoy; 48- Leather for fine gloves; 49- Fancier way of saying "years old"; 50- Profession of many in the clue for 38A; 51- Great Lake bordering New York; 52- Da Vinci's "___ Lisa"; 53- Angsty teens, perhaps; 54- Philosopher Descartes; 55- Heavy burden; 56- Was in hock; 59- A Gershwin brother;