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Print Puzzle - "Extremely Opposed" by Barb Olson on 11/16/2022
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1- Go-to computer fix; 7- Letter writer's third afterthought; 11- Fourth musical tones; 14- Delphi know-it-all; 15- What 1-Down are not; 16- Mandela's org.; 17- Shop talk terms such as "joke map" and "gag hag"; 19- Corp. computer exec.; 20- Udon's flatter cousin; 21- Company name formed from Standard Oil's initials; 22- "Have ___!" ("Go right ahead!"); 23- Given the scoop on; 27- Toothed tool; 28- Take ___ for the worse; 29- "The ___" (Sault Ste. Marie, to locals); 32- Hamilton CFLer, for short; 36- Nail polish rival of Opi; 38- Work cubicle divider, e.g.; 41- Baron Cohen costumed in a mankini; 42- Silklike synthetic; 43- 180 degrees from SSW; 44- Alligator-filled barriers; 46- Figure skating phenom Midori ___; 48- Nears completion; 53- Quechua speaker of Peru; 54- Like a lot of cars, maybe?; 55- Women's undergarment with a slit; 58- Palindromic Dutch city; 59- Desktop image, such as Adobe's looped A; 62- Printer tray abbr.; 63- Cicero's 451; 64- Whale-watching town on Vancouver Island; 65- Toronto river or valley; 66- Departure lounge words; 67- World of bugs and moles;
1- Giant birds in Arabian lore; 2- Ending for smack or buck; 3- Godzilla victim in a classic cartoon; 4- Cousteau's areas of interest; 5- Like one of four good luck items for a bride; 6- Scottish mystery writer Josephine; 7- "Dark Side of the Moon" album cover object; 8- "Je ___, donc je suis": Descartes; 9- Tiered temple of Asia; 10- It may come pre-pitch?; 11- Considers, as when calculating; 12- Against paying dues and picketing; 13- Hockey sportscaster Oake; 18- The Once-___ (Dr. Seuss baddie); 22- "Well, that was ___" (post-flop comment); 24- Moneybags-y moguls; 25- Cause for a Mickey Mouse Band-Aid; 26- Chewed away at; 29- Abba's shortest song title; 30- Seriously considering (doing); 31- Somewhat worrisome; 33- Subj. of Berton's "The Last Spike"; 34- Skinny Energizer; 35- Juno-winning Blue Rodeo hit, 1987; 37- Suffix with ethyl- or benz-; 39- "If ___ dime for every ..."; 40- "Macbeth" witches' chanted word; 45- Skookum; 47- Turn to bone; 48- Brandish, as a sword; 49- Opera words before "mio"; 50- Shield, or today, sponsorship; 51- "In-chief" rank: Abbr.; 52- Spanish hero played by Heston; 56- Prefix with -sphere and -phore; 57- ___-Penh, Cambodia; 59- Toxic pollutant, for short; 60- @@@; 61- Stick in a cleaning closet?;