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Print Puzzle - "At the Family Reunion" by Barb Olson on 11/9/2022
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1- Ungrammatical NHL team name, for short; 6- "___ I" ("Me too"); 10- Friendly-sounding salmon; 14- Like an abusive workplace; 15- ___ Québécois (Blanchet's party); 16- Traditional tales; 17- Trademark Elvis expression; 18- Ninja Turtle or Bart Simpson cry; 20- Some attendees at the Witherspoon family reunion?; 22- Mason, Matlock or McBeal; 25- Ending with Ecuador; 26- Stat. day; 27- ___ Kosh, Wisconsin; 28- L'il Abner cartoonist Al; 31- Use a fillet knife on; 33- Scandal at the family reunion?; 36- Bruins great Phil, to fans; 37- Anti in the House; 38- Heat supply?; 42- An attendee at the royal family reunion?; 47- Totally lose it; 50- Without ___ (penniless); 51- So-called "Frankenfood": Abbr.; 52- Vacay "activity"; 53- "Glee" star ___ Michele; 55- Crusty roll choice; 57- Entry fee for some at the family reunion?; 61- Subject on the podcast "Swindled"; 62- "Filthy" riches; 66- Zen riddle on which to meditate; 67- Top Viking god; 68- British-sounding Lake Erie county; 69- Sra., before the wedding; 70- Wall St. trading centre; 71- Top campus faculty;
1- Some capts.-to-be; 2- At least two geological eras; 3- Harpoonist & the ___ Murderer (B.C. blues/rock duo); 4- Hellish?; 5- Newfoundland ___ (rum brand); 6- "Sesame Street" topic; 7- Gin fizz grape type; 8- Seek water with a rod; 9- Our country air?; 10- Game with Peacock and Plum; 11- Word from the Japanese for "group leader"; 12- Say "Yes, do it!", say; 13- Spot of rubella; 19- I.Q. test pioneer Alfred; 21- Quod-demonstrandum link; 22- Rich ore body; 23- Aspirin pills, chemically: Abbr.; 24- Tan a hide but good; 29- "Milk" man?; 30- Pricey brand in a Streep film title; 32- Joe Biden's late son; 34- "Wake Me Up Before You ___"; 35- Spin class settings; 39- Memory stick units, for short; 40- Web clip gone viral; 41- ___ off (light options); 43- Straight-edge desk item; 44- Had fourths, say; 45- "No probs" signals; 46- Shrunk in fear; 47- Smashes (up), as a vehicle; 48- Like winter soccer, likely; 49- Get a quiet kick out of, maybe; 54- Sour or sharp-tasting; 56- Not free, perhaps; 58- "... ___ plan, ..." (Panama palindrome); 59- Medical dictionary suffix; 60- ___ Reader (New Age-y zine); 63- Product safety org.; 64- Stimpy's pooch pal; 65- Strait's "All My ___ Live in Texas";