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Print Puzzle - "Mismatched Couples" by Gene Antonio on 11/8/2022
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1- Native of Riyadh; 5- Threshing tool; 10- Collections, as of sayings; 14- Big bundle; 15- Key in a movie; 16- Like some apples; 17- List ender; 18- "Happy Days" actor Williams; 19- The Bee Gees, e.g.; 20- Singer who recorded "You Don't Own Me" and author of novel "Julian"; 23- Primp; 24- Having jagged edges; 25- Withdraw financial support from; 28- Francis or Murray; 30- Squeezed circle; 31- Made reference to; 33- Beat's digs; 36- Actress awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom and noted Renaissance humanist; 40- Yoko ___; 41- Fashion designer von Furstenberg; 42- Vegan's butter; 43- City of Yemen; 44- Pilgrim in "The Canterbury Tales"; 46- Tangle; 49- Prince or Princess; 51- Popular singer/songwriter born Norma Deloris Egstrom and American golfing great; 57- Partner of far; 58- French weapons; 59- Part of; 60- Sedaka or Simon; 61- Viscous mud; 62- Pay (with "up"); 63- River of Normandy; 64- Author of "The Glass Bead Game"; 65- Yuletide;
1- Biblical brother; 2- Receive special treatment; 3- Start of Hamlet's graveyard speech; 4- Means of summoning a servant; 5- Criticized severely; 6- Hollywood's Jessica or Hope; 7- Hot crime; 8- Aviation pioneer Sikorsky; 9- Solitary; 10- Duds; 11- Henner's "Taxi" role; 12- Solos; 13- Wrap; 21- East ender?; 22- Sells; 25- Major ___; 26- "Longo" Longoria at third base; 27- Old Egyptian card game; 28- "Look ___": opening of song "Misty"; 29- Grant granting gov. org.; 31- Jackie or Charlie; 32- Charged atom; 33- D.C. deal makers, briefly; 34- Mars: combining form; 35- Soul singer Jackson who recorded "Love Makes the World Go Round"; 37- In a strange manner; 38- Rail support; 39- Protestant denomination founded before the Reformation; 43- Diamond-shaped knitted pattern; 44- Indian follower of Zoroaster; 45- Chemical ending; 46- Swindler John who "bought" the New York Islanders; 47- Appearing later; 48- Another time; 49- Lovato and Moore; 50- Objects; 52- Whale; 53- Della's creator; 54- ___ time (very soon); 55- Make special mention of; 56- Scott Turow book;