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Print Puzzle - "Leaving A Trail" by Steve Faiella on 11/4/2022
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1- "Horrible" Viking of comics; 6- Floorboards sound; 11- Good buddy; 14- Less than 90 degrees, angle wise; 15- Entertained at one's home; 16- Prefix with -dermis; 17- Psychology of homo sapiens; 19- Pal of Harry and Hermione; 20- Smartphone download, briefly; 21- Make a request; 22- Badger at the comedy club; 24- Type of creamy pasta sauce; 27- Dance in a festive skirt; 28- Islamic spiritual leader; 31- Steam, essentially; 33- Jewish spiritual leader; 35- Wicker furniture maker; 36- What the dog did with the homework?; 37- Equivalent of Triple-A for pro skaters (Abbr); 38- Dog pests; 42- "Same here"; 44- Milo of movies; 45- Counterfeit cash; 50- Castle trench; 51- Long, heroic story; 52- "Maternal" nickname of Jazz great Willie Mae Thornton; 54- Take to a higher court; 56- Parseghian of Notre Dame or "The Altar" constellation; 57- Alert to squad cars, for short; 60- Hi-___ screen; 61- Office supply to "paint over" errors on printed documents; 65- Slice of history; 66- Knob on a tree; 67- Tenant's document; 68- "Spring forward" clock setting: Abbr.; 69- Writer James and ballplayer Tommie; 70- Trial and ___;
1- Laughing syllables; 2- "Found my way downstairs and drank ___" ("A Day in the Life" line); 3- Forrest played by Tom Hanks; 4- One ___ time; 5- Concerning kidneys; 6- "Energy center" of meditation; 7- Lab maze runner; 8- College Web-site suffix; 9- Arena blaster that can be unpleasant to be next to; 10- Bent joint for a proposer; 11- Show sudden interest; 12- NASA's lunar program; 13- From point A to point B; 18- "Don't open in the office" letters; 23- Compelling charm; 24- Atmosphere, as at a restaurant; 25- Engraved work of art; 26- Hand out poker cards; 28- Retirement acct.; 29- It may read "WELCOME"; 30- Grampa Simpson (and American stovepipe hat wearer!); 32- Presidential "thumbs down"; 34- "The ___ Bitsy Spider"; 37- Mine, in France; 39- Comedian and activist Margaret; 40- Mauna ___ (Hawaiian volcano); 41- Occupied a chair; 43- Strolling along; 45- Had a phobia of; 46- Half of a full set of dentures; 47- Goes for, puppy-style; 48- Hits the "Send" button; 49- Ale measure (that requires a rather large glass); 53- Pancake syrup tree; 55- ___ -Seltzer; 57- On___ with (comparable to); 58- Coin in Acapulco; 59- Title before Rabbit or Fox; 62- "___ pasa?" ("What's up?"); 63- Suffix with press or moist; 64- ___ Lingus (Irish carrier);