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Print Puzzle - "Just Do It" by Barb Olson on 11/3/2022
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1- Made ___ dash for; 5- ___ all time low; 9- Letter-shaped steel girder; 14- Carnival announcer's aid; 16- Greek muse of poetry; 17- "Don't worry at all, I'll handle it"; 19- Bunch of bees; 20- "Now you ___, now you don't"; 21- Londoner's lexicons: Abbr.; 24- Noah's landing site; 28- Roy Orbison hit of 1960; 31- Birdie's path; 33- Baseball's "Hammerin' Hank"; 34- Rx, for short; 35- Spirited fellows?; 37- Bully's targets; 39- Place for drips; 40- "___ Ship A-Sailing" (nursery rhyme); 42- "Take ___" (offer to sit); 44- "The Simpsons" character in a green sweater; 45- Enjoy the luxuries of wealth; 48- Prepares to be knighted; 49- Opti-Free alternative; 50- Word with "donna" or "ballerina"; 53- Bic, in Baie-Comeau; 57- Very rarely; 62- Certain finger crossers; 63- Like medium settings?; 64- Take down a peg; 65- Turkey seasoning; 66- "___ further!" ("Stop!");
1- Singer Winehouse and others; 2- Cat call; 3- Water, to Juan; 4- Polyester fabric; 5- Philip who played Master Kan in "Kung Fu"; 6- First section of a user's manual: Abbr.; 7- Spans of 365 dias; 8- Modern, to Merkel; 9- Straight people, casually; 10- Dudes' tight friendship; 11- Suffix with Caesar; 12- Corner store convenience; 13- Stooge with a bowl cut; 15- Ousted Senator Wallin; 18- Patricia of "Breakfast at Tiffany's"; 22- Actress Cannon; 23- Mark of a sloppy window washer; 25- Summoned the maid again; 26- Option on a wanted poster; 27- Worked in a pool; 28- From C to C, say; 29- Animal on CBC's "Heartland"; 30- Gain favour from; 31- "You can't make ___ purse out of..."; 32- Fiddler's bow application; 36- Responders to "hurry hard!"; 38- Kyoto cupful; 41- Order in the court?; 43- December decor; 46- "The devil ___ the details"; 47- Nog topper; 51- Brit's slickers; 52- Common rhyme scheme; 54- Modern "seize the day" acronym formed by the first words in 17-, 28-, 45, and 57-Across; 55- Area from which Canadian bacon is cut; 56- Clued in about; 57- Schnozz end; 58- Point of a pen; 59- Car club that'll give you a boost: Abbr.; 60- Fuel derived from shale rock: Abbr.; 61- Quiet conclusion?;