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Print Puzzle - "It's Just a Phase II" by Steve Faiella on 9/23/2022
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1- It dries on the line; 5- Luke Skywalker's Jedi trainer; 9- Baseball's Hammerin' Hank; 14- Big name in dog food; 15- Lumberjacks' tools; 16- Nose-horned African beast; 17- Early 2000s fad that you'd miss if you blinked; 19- Calf-length skirts; 20- Trunk of the body; 21- Big brass horn; 23- "Charlotte's Web" locale; 24- The "S" in CBS (Abbr); 25- Consecutive alphabet trio that spells a name; 28- Prefix for day or week; 29- '90s fad that included Luau the Pig; 35- Trooper's speed-checking device; 38- Apple TV competitor; 39- Alternatives to Lyfts; 40- Film studio with a lion mascot; 42- Divided, as a highway; 43- How a cockney answers the phone; 44- Quality of bran muffins; 46- Current fad items that support inclusiveness; 50- Start of the XXI century; 51- Expected in; 52- Actress ___ Longoria Parker; 55- Knuckle-dragger; 58- Baby Basset Hounds; 60- Autos rented for weddings; 62- Alpaca relative; 64- 70s and beyond fad that involves a footbag; 67- Dire risk; 68- Nebraska native tribe; 69- Actor Neeson; 70- Annual wish-list recipient; 71- Gas on the Vegas strip; 72- Alternative to Vogue or Glamour;
1- Floats on the air; 2- Blend of metals; 3- Practices boxing; 4- Big "Bonanza" brother; 5- Candied vegetable at Thanksgiving; 6- Kitchen gadget company; 7- Financial obligation; 8- Take over, as a mortgage; 9- Historic Spanish fleet; 10- Hawaiian yellowfin tuna; 11- Unburdens; 12- "Step ___!": "Hurry up!"; 13- Like a buttinsky; 18- Rubes, in Canadian lingo; 22- Baby's dinner wear; 26- "You're it!" kids' game; 27- "E Pluribus ___"; 29- ___ soap (bath need); 30- Block of gold; 31- Fiber-rich cereals; 32- "Say Anything..." actress Skye; 33- ___ out a living (gets by); 34- Soapy froth; 35- Has regrets about; 36- Ready and willing partner; 37- Farmer's place, in a children's ditty; 41- Bride's ___ of honor; 42- Probable; 45- Religious sch. in Fort Worth; 47- African antelope & Chevy model; 48- Ostrich kin; 49- Gas thief's gadget; 52- Computer message; 53- Outspoken, as a critic; 54- "I probably know the answer"; 55- European mountains; 56- "Not guilty," for example; 57- Make money; 59- Fully satisfy; 61- Bit of land in an ocean; 63- East Coast rival of Caltech; 65- Make dove sounds; 66- Jennings of "Jeopardy!" fame;