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Print Puzzle - "Wait, There's More" by Barb Olson on 9/19/2022
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1- "___ in the Family" (Farley Mowat book); 5- Theda who played Cleopatra; 9- "I'm Not in Love" band; 14- Child's cry on a swing; 15- Lead-up to "saw Elba"; 16- Blowing the roof off the stadium; 17- Nothingburgers; 19- Pot at a poker party; 20- "Dear ___ Madam..."; 21- Socially isolate; 23- Kick-ass quality; 25- Word in many ranch names; 26- Philip of "Kung Fu"; 27- Outdoor gear co. controversially sold to a U.S. firm in 2020; 28- Part of a click-and-mortar biz; 30- Elbow-benders; 32- Text for a diva; 35- Age unit equal to a dog's seven; 38- Voicemail back-and-forth; 40- Skydiver's mantra, maybe; 44- Taken all one can take; 45- Vessel near styrofoam cups; 48- This or that: Fr.; 49- Be human, in a way; 50- Room temperature readers; 54- Nasty situation, slangily; 56- Eases one's dependency; 57- Lead-in to -porosis; 58- Off-the-wall; 61- Lechy looks; 62- Alta. campus on the Oldman River; 63- Tab next to File, often; 64- So ___ to (avoiding); 65- Wraps up; 66- Hammer sounds?;
1- Slay, in play; 2- "Veritable" group of elites; 3- Apt to go easy on; 4- Ones with a view to the future; 5- "Another Bud, bud"; 6- "Prince Valiant" prince; 7- Do another sun lamp stint; 8- Cause of a rift among churchgoers?; 9- Breaks for a cuppa; 10- Conservative O'Toole; 11- Stoic reply to "Does it hurt much?"; 12- Beeflike hybrid; 13- Jon of "Two and a Half Men"; 18- "Va-va-___!"; 22- Grenoble, France's region; 23- Smallish batteries; 24- Flashy brilliance; 29- "Give it ___" (cook's urging); 31- Pumped, perhaps?; 33- Words before pinch or pickle; 34- Old-style "Whaddya know!"; 36- Per-piece price; 37- "Give ___ beat, boys, to ..." ("Drift Away" lyric"); 38- Puts into words; 39- Two fives in craps; 41- Song that gets people on their feet; 42- Spilled by accident; 43- When many ties are broken; 46- Spur's spiked wheels; 47- Weather vane foursome; 49- Virus named for an African river; 51- Happen next; 52- Lookout's mission, for short; 53- Alberta town famous for its corn; 55- Prefix meaning "blood"; 59- TV's "Mayberry ___"; 60- Capt. saluters;