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Print Puzzle - "It's Just a Phase!" by Steve Faiella on 9/16/2022
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1- 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' author Roald; 5- Do in, as a vampire; 9- Elroy Jetson's dog; 14- Bassoon's smaller cousin; 15- Towel (off); 16- Propelled with oars; 17- '50s craze that had people going around in circles; 19- Construction site machine; 20- Hog haven; 21- Long times; 22- Pirates' treasure holders; 23- Team supporters; 24- Compete; 25- Give up the occupancy of; 28- 1970's fad for the nurturing challenged; 33- Cupid counterpart, to the Greeks; 34- Needing a bath; 36- Gaucho's cattle catcher; 37- Tree house; 38- Bunkhouse bunk; 39- Component of a 37-Across, usually; 40- "This one's ___!" ("My treat!"); 41- Common dog biscuit shapes; 43- Bone near the radius; 44- '70s fad jewelry; 46- XXX, on a valentine; 48- Billboard messages; 49- Japanese rice wine; 50- The ___ Brothers ("Listen to the Music" band); 54- Construction locale; 55- West of "My Little Chickadee"; 58- Opened, as a knot; 59- 70s fad that revealed much about a person; 61- Stir up, as a fire; 62- Stadium section; 63- Bump ___ (meet); 64- Copy machine powder; 65- Big coffee dispensers; 66- Golf ball stands;
1- Homer Simpson outbursts; 2- Be adjacent to; 3- "Monty Python and the ___ Grail"; 4- Grassy plain; 5- Fainted theatrically; 6- Kings of the jungle; 7- Smartphone programs; 8- "Affirmative"; 9- Bow and arrow user; 10- Sight for ___ eyes; 11- '___ the night before Christmas...'; 12- $2,000 for Boardwalk, with a hotel; 13- Celebratory poems; 18- Summer oppressiveness; 22- Part of N.Y.C.; 23- Went without food on purpose; 24- Classic Chevy, for short; 25- Snake poison; 26- "There ___ exceptions" (Everyone must); 27- Women's magazine, familiarly (or Kramer of "Seinfeld"'s first name!); 28- Pitchfork point; 29- Like angles between 90 and 180 degrees; 30- Batman's had little bat ears on them; 31- "A Fish Called Wanda" Oscar winner Kevin; 32- Heroic legends; 35- Computer mini-pictures; 41- ___ one's time (be patient); 42- Ice-show performers; 45- Indiana Jones or Lara Croft, e.g.; 47- Furniture chain founded in Sweden; 49- Emergency vehicle sound; 50- Covering on attic items; 51- Aware of, as a scheme; 52- Have too much of, for short; 53- Kid's transport; 54- Blend with a spoon; 55- Source of gold; 56- Initial poker stake; 57- Narcissists have big ones; 59- Good name for a gumbo-maker; 60- Caboodle's partner;